10 Tips to crack the UCEED in 1 Year
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10 Tips to crack the UCEED in 1 Year

Published by: Rohit Ramesh (26)
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UCEED is an entrance test for undergraduate design hopefuls catering to the best universities in India, and it is no easy feat to crack it. It is one of the few design tests that does not require a skill in sketching and is conducted entirely on a computer, nor does it have a second round of testing. The structure of the test is as follows: Section A: Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions For these questions, the answer is a number that needs to be entered using a virtual keyboard in the computer screen. No choices will be shown for these questions. Each correct answer will be awarded 4 marks. There is NO NEGATIVE marks for this section. Questions not attempted will be given zero mark. This sections contains 20 questions. Section B: Multiple Select Questions (MSQ) Each MSQ has one or more correct answer(s) out of the four given choices. The candidate gets 4 marks only if ALL the correct choices and NO wrong choices are selected. There is NO NEGATIVE or PARTIAL marks for this section. Questions not attempted will be given zero mark. This sections contains 20 questions. Section C: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Each MCQ has four choices out of which only one is the correct answer. There is NEGATIVE marking for this section. Each correct answer will be awarded 3 marks and each wrong answer will be awarded –1 (minus one) mark. Questions not attempted will be given zero mark.This sections contains 40 questions. With these tips and tricks, excelling in the test is achievable within this extensive time period is possible: Start preparing well in advance, at least 6 months- a year before the exam. Sections within the exam, such as the GK section and sections that require creative and observational skills cannot be prepared for in a month or two. It requires daily research and conditioning, as well as balancing this preparation along with your board exams. Go through the UCEED brochure to understand the structure and syllabus of the exam as well as solving the previous years question papers to thoroughly understand the types of questions featured in the paper. It will also help you write the final paper at a good speed and with more efficiency. Although sketching and drawing skills aren’t tested, concepts related to it are. For example, perspective, human figure and proportions, shadows and textures. Since you have ample time, you can use these sketching techniques to get a better insight on these concepts. Basic design principles are also tested, ranging from colour theory, typography to animation techniques. Blogs and videos on DQ Edge are immensely helpful, and easy to follow. General Knowledge regarding design and it’s philosophies is important to crack the test as well as to understand the field of design and it’s scope of innovation. 6-12 months is enough time to explore various areas such as art history movements, revolutionary architects etc. Due to the open ended nature of the test, questions can go beyond these topics as well. Therefore it’s important to do continuous research. The UCEED does not require the candidate to be a math or science student, but familiarizing yourself with highschool level math, science and computer science will help tremendously. Update yourself on environmental studies and the effect of the environment on design and vice versa as an entire section is based on this. Therefore knowledge on eco friendly designs and materials is important. Exercises like rearranging shapes from their 3D form to their 2D forms, are immensely helpful as it features in the Visualization and Spatial segment heavily, as well as helping you develop lateral thinking, creative problem solving skills etc. Concepts such as mensuration, permutation and platonic solids will also help with honing these skills. In terms of study material, the Manorama yearbook for GK, Books featuring verbal and numerical reasoning questions, Abstract tests etc, are all useful for practice purposes. If you require more study material, mock tests or guidance in order to develop the skills necessary to excel in this test, joining a coaching centre is also suggested. DQ Labs offers a 1 year course, available either in an online or classroom setting. They provide access to resources and professionals as well as a one of a kind testing platform knows as DQ Edge. It contains mock tests and previous years questions, all of which comes with feedback and suggestions of areas where the student is weak in. There’s a section for students to post queries as well, these queries are answered by the faculty regularly. Approaching people that have previously cracked UCEED is also recommended as they can guide you in the right direction, as well as helping with the approach required to tackle the paper. DQ Labs has experienced mentors and counsellors that can help you through this process.
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