2012 Calendar That becomes Life's Traditions
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2012 Calendar That becomes Life's Traditions

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We are the change of the year, despite the technology with calendars or PDAs, for many it is nice to have in your home or office a calendar to see, browse, and maybe to make a note of some event or some special occasion. There are calendars that have become part of a house, a tradition that happens every year with great success.

One of the national popular calendars is the widespread I guess timing of Friar, Who now dispenses advice and information since 1946 of curiosity and historical facts. Born to raise money, not even its creator was expecting so much success, but the image of the monk from his face ruddy and adorned with a white beard appears in many homes, purchased by subscription or on newsstands. This calendar informs simple consultation on the holy day, on the anniversaries of the month for plants and agricultural activities, the phases of the moon in the image and develops a monthly chronicle a history of common or popular story with a moral. Perhaps its success is the simplicity of information, despite the Friar founder died in 2002, is continuing his mission to bring the calendar in homes for families and, as the 6 million circulations, seems to go very well.

Other historical calendar; usually gives an advice or information about the particular stanza of life. It is also very popular is the ’Blackbeard’s Almanac. Similar to Friar Guess, but that lends itself to sponsorship; we say it is more commercial management being conveyed often through companies such as banks and insurance companies as a Christmas or New Year gift. Is always a good “companion“ for each day of the year and to have curiosity and advice.

We now turn to something more fashionable, something that has become the subject of collection, the grand Pirelli calendar, whose pages have appeared the most beautiful women in the world, but competed to appear. Women of the show, but also many models, including Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Sophia Loren and Jennifer Lopez are just a few names. In addition, over the years have come and gone the best photographers in the world, to always create a true work of art. Started in 1964, with a break in the ’70s, since 1984, has become a cult, with the particularity of the limited edition, it is only given and sent to VIPs and people of high society. The big news in recent years; it was for the first time in 2003; is that eventually, perhaps to a level playing field, have appeared in models of men as subjects, dispelling a long-standing tradition that was believed.

Also this year appears beautiful models and fashionable technologies, but the real news is the 2011 calendar photographer Karl Lagerfeld who, in addition to work on creating fashion with a capital M, also delights in the art of photography. The frame is the background image is Paris, home of Lagerfeld, art director of Chanel, and is very good in his new role.

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