2012 Calendar With Varied Styles
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2012 Calendar With Varied Styles

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During this period, is a hive of calendars different animals and pretty soft, dreamy views, women dressed more or less, there is also the timing of the postmen and the unemployed, but maybe the category of Swiss farmers is attracting many interests especially by the women. We’re not talking about the image of the farmer that we can have: a man a little overweight with protruding belly from bulbous nose, With the red knobs on the face and good-natured smile. The smile is there, but the timing of Swiss farmers for next year shows us someone who is closer to the imaginary town of the model all muscle and ripped it to the farmer.

The Swiss Farmers Calendar is becoming a phenomenon, which started a little on the quiet and almost as a joke, is proving to be a rather expected phenomenon by both women also from the gay world. Perhaps because it is stated that these are not models but real and its workers of the earth  portraits during their main activities: who owns the horses, who cuts the grain, who cuts the wood and they are all stripped to the waist or vest so small as to be almost useless, and some have even put winking. There are those who hang their laundry with an unlikely pair of spotted shorts (Black and white cows in Switzerland, more than this issue), but certainly not the Swiss are famous for fashion, so we defer on this habit.

But why so successful?

ofcourse, for its peculiarity of having sought no professional models but the real people certainly aesthetically pleasing, which are probably their prowess to the work they do. I went to see the calendars of previous years, out of curiosity and also to verify the actual presence of the other kids are different, the thing I wonder is whether the Switzerland has so many farmers that are especially handsome boys on average. Indeed it is easier that there is a muscular lumberjack and a little ’earth to earth’ women’s erotic imagination (I did a survey among colleagues and friends) that the farmer and more of Switzerland. Commonly Switzerland is a land of watches, chocolate, banks and at most William tell but nothing more. Maybe you want to publicize this small independent state in other ways, and certainly the vehicle linked to beauty can be successful. 

So the choice to put these beautiful boys, who have from 19 to 29 years, Immortalized in one of their typical activities, perhaps also related to the month of the year winner was representing, it is important that we speak. If you want you can also have a ’Slideshow’ from the site, but if you want to see them hanging is regarded with calm, you can buy the calendar with Markus, Roland, and Dominik Jurg from 12, via the internet and the price is around 35 $. Good news for the gentlemen, there is also a female version, but most likely since there so many calendars, not so successful.

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