3 reasons why you should study product design
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3 reasons why you should study product design

Published by: Ritwik kapoor (31)
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The Design of a product includes an analytical process and it relies on a problem-solving approach for improving the quality of life of the end user and their interaction with the environment. Product Design is about understanding the needs of the user by producing a solution. Product designers work with different professionals like engineers and marketers. Product designers may not be in charge with the mechanical and technological aspects of the product, but they are in charge of how the usability of the product is affected. Understanding how the product affects the customers life is one of the main aspects of product design. The process of product design is divided into different phases that include different forms of sketching and prototyping. The idea of a product originates from an issue that people may experience and coming up with an idea to solve the issue. Product designers then make a prototype of the products through sketching and drawing. They can also use he 3D and computer-aided industrial design software, to fully experience and test the item which they envision, the designers can also craft prototypes through these computer-aided programs for a better representation of the model. Product design courses will help the students develop their technical knowledge and creative design skills. These courses will also help the students with other skills that are valued by various employers. A student of product design will learn the following skills throughout their course: 1. Communication skills 2. Presentation skills 3. Ability to work on deadlines 4. Problem solving skills 5. Teamworking skills 6. Ability to take initiative and work independently 7. Teamworking skills 8. Commercial and entrepreneurial skills Career options for product designers: 1. An individual who has graduated from public design institutions can find employment in public and private sectors. Private sectors also include manufactured products for domestic and industrial markets. Public sectors may involve designing interactive facilities like public information points and equipment which are used by services like the police, fire and ambulance or employment through a design-based consultancy can also be possible. Employment for a product design graduate include: 1. Industrial and domestic product manufacturers 2. Retailers 3. Car manufacturers 4. Point-of-sale designers 3 reasons why you should study product design: 1. Speed: A slow process of building the product may affect the designer’s life. A product designer will be able to easily adapt to the complexity of the project. 2. Smaller risk: The amount of risk in product designing is minimized by reducing time and budget on validating the ideas. Product designing is an excellent way of finishing the prototype, giving the customer some extra time for improvements in case of a failure. 3. Simple solutions to complex challenges: The task of a product designer is to set a goal and create a vision for failure and success. One of the reasons for conducting the sprint is to find all the weak points and converting them in to solutions.
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