4 Things to Consider Before Renting a Commercial Property in Newark
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4 Things to Consider Before Renting a Commercial Property in Newark

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While Newark, NJ has been known as a city with many challenges, its current revival is very real. There is an invigorating new wave of money being poured into the redevelopment of the city. The flood of investment money is strengthening the city’s economy while Newark is becoming a destination for business, city living and culture. When considering renting an office in Newark here is a list of some things to contemplate. 1. Location Location Location Everyone knows all Real Estate comes down to this key element. What are the crossroads of thebuilding? Who will the neighbors be? What will traffic be like? Is it close to a train? Is there aStarbucks within walking distance? There are multiple distinguished colleges inNewark as well asinternationally known businesses located in the city. Several new residential projects have been built or are being built with more on the way in the city. 2. Research Expenses Cost is usually the number two biggest concern after the initial eye or ear catching enticement.Frequently Newark gets a side by side comparison in cost to New York City that clearly proves abigger bang for your buck in space per capita via layout and price per square foot. Renters need toalso be aware of vacancy rates, types of lease options, insurance, cost of utilities and miscellaneousitems like whether security systems are required and what it will cost to clean. Minor expenses that can add up over time are things like cost of labor for repairs and general maintenance costs. 3. Amenities Just like buying a home and looking for granite countertops or a big yard for the kids to play in,commercial Real Estate offers amenities that can be very attractive for employees. Wisetenants look for an attractive deal that adds value with items like: parking, easy access,high speed wi-fi, accessible food, fitness centers, conference spaces and trendylounges. Be sure to explore all possibilities before making a decision. 4. Professional Assistance Asking experts and using the right resources for any project is fundamental for success. Beforerenting commercial Real Estate, find the experienced agent, the knowledgeable attorney and theinformed insurance provider. The information they can provide is invaluable when the success of anybusiness thrives on the space provided to their employees. There are many more factors to consider when renting office space in Newark. Visit NewarkOfficeSpace for more information.
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