4 Useful Tools to Improve your YouTube Video Exposure
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4 Useful Tools to Improve your YouTube Video Exposure

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Do you want more people to engage with your YouTube videos? Wondering why your engaging content is not getting traction? Here are 4 useful tools to grab the eyeballs you’ve always wanted. Get an initial Keyword Research done with the KEYWORD TOOL Keyword Tool is one of the best tools for Keyword Research. It not only looks at the Google Keyword Planner data but also lets you search Bing, Amazon, eBay, The App Store, Instagram and of course YouTube. On the Keyword Tool homepage, start with clicking on the YouTube tab, and type your topic keyword and watch Keyword tool do the work for you. It has a free-version that lets you get insights about your video strategy before you even begin creating content. If you wish to purchase the Pro-Plan, it lets you search volume, trends, CPC and competition. Gain insights about your YouTube competitor content Keyword with SOOVLE Soovle is a customizable engine that combines the suggestion services from major providers in one place. It includes providers like Google, Bing, Amazon, Answers, Wikipedia, Yahoo, YouTube etc. To use this tool, go to the homepage, click on the YouTube icon and move it to the top of the screen and check what suggestions Soovle has for you. From there, click on any YouTube suggestions and you’ll be taken to the top-ranking video for that keyword. Monitor the YouTube Search trends with GOOGLE TRENDS, KEYWORD KEG, and KEYWORDS EVERYWHERE This will help you to take your YouTube game to the next level. YouTube’s autocomplete feature along with Google Trends in combination with Keyword Keg and Keywords Everywhere will give you sharp and precise results. Keywords Everywhere also comes with a browser Extension. It adds additional metrics like CPC, volume, competition etc. If you sign up for a Keyword Keg account, it lets you add keywords that you’re interested in and build up a set of keywords for the videos you might want to create in the future. Keyword Keg works compatibly with Google Trends. When you enter the search terms in Google Trends, just don’t forget to pick YouTube search. Optimize your YouTube videos with TUBEBUDDY TubeBuddy is a dashboard and browser extension that works with YouTube and allows you to monitor your competitor’s content and also optimize your videos. It gives you an extra layer of detail with the Search and Explorer tab. It includes Keyword Score, Keyword stats, Related searches and the Most used tags. TubeBuddy has various sections called Videolytics, Search Rankings and Channelytics serving the optimization of your content on YouTube.
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