5 Hot Tips for Buying a Holiday Home in the UK in 2019?
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5 Hot Tips for Buying a Holiday Home in the UK in 2019?

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Buying and owning a holiday home can be a very rewarding experience. But failing to do your research can have significant consequences. This blog will help you with some hot tips for buying the best holiday home in the UK in 2019. 1. Go for the Highly Preferred Location When you consider buying a holiday home, the first thing which matters is the choice of location. Holidaymakers in UK always seek a day’s sunshine by the sea and enjoy poking around the town. The coastal properties and those in National Parks earn 10% more than other properties in the same region. Dorset was the top-earning location in the UK, with four-bedroom properties making an average of £43,000 in gross income a year, while the Lake District came second, with four-bedroom properties earning an average of £28,000 annually. 2. Journey Time to Reach the Property When you’re choosing the location of your holiday home for yourself or to partially let for other holiday makers, then think carefully about who you are trying to attract. For example, do you want to attract families in Cornwall or outdoor lovers in the Lakes? However, if you’re planning on visiting your holiday home with family and friends too, journey time to the property is a matter to consider. Likewise, if you plan on managing changeovers and maintenance to reduce costs, you’ll need to be able to travel to and from the property easily. 3. Adding Extra Luxury When you’ve bought your holiday look out for ways to maximise your income from it. The best way too boost your income is to add some luxury to your property. Luxury in the sense, installing hot tubs, Wi-Fi Connectivity and providing a pet-friendly facility. It will boost your earnings by up to 10% a year, while installing a welcoming log burner could also increase your income by a similar amount. 4. Proximity to Transport Links and Groceries Another important factor to consider is the availability of transport links. Holidaymakers to the UK will find it very convenient if your holiday house is close to important transport links. For personal use, it is simply much easier to get to and from your holiday home for a weekend break if there is a train station or airport nearby, or a good car rental service. Also, while you choose the holiday home to let or for personal use, consider the location with regards to the proximity of shops, restaurants, and bars and of course- a hospital! 5. Joint Ownerships to Minimise Cost If you want to minimise the maintenance cost and to maximise the money you invest, consider a joint ownership. Buying with friends or family will open the door to many more options at higher price points, in prime locations all over the world. Apart from reducing maintenance costs, you can also save up on large service charges or ground rents by dividing up the cost and to invest elsewhere. Brexit Uncertainty with Home Buying The economic uncertainty and Brexit on the horizon makes getting it right for 2019 even harder. Therefore, leaving with a deal so exactly how house prices will be affected is all still up in the air. Some buyers are holding off on their home moves whilst they wait to see what happens with the deal. If Briton have an agreed and orderly Brexit then we could see an influx of buyers coming into the market place, this could push prices higher for holidays homes in the UK as demand rises.
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