5 Must-Have Gardening Tools
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5 Must-Have Gardening Tools

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Gardening was one of the keys to society’s growth. Without gardening, our ancestors were living a nomadic life. Ever since they learned gardening, they learned to settle as well. With gardening, tribes became villages; villages became towns and towns turned to cities. Today, gardening has become one of many’s favorite pastimes. We always find ways to create new ideas to make our gardens look more enticing to us and our guests. Due to the continually rising trend of gardening, more and more companies such as Root Assassin are creating innovations in gardening tools. Furthermore, completing your gardening project gives a sense of achievement along with the praise and compliments from people who see it. It can also be a good source of income for those who have the skills to do so. Gardening indeed is a fun hobby and a fantastic job that anyone can learn. However, before diving into the dirt and rocks of your garden, here are five must-have gardening tools that every gardener, whether an expert or not, should have in their sheds. 1.Spades and Shovels These handy digging tools help you to break or move soil. The straight blade of a spade is ideal for breaking the soil and for edging garden beds. The curved blade shovel, on the other hand, is for moving bulk materials like soil, gravel or sand. These tools are absolutely essential in building the structure of your garden. 2. Rakes A rake is a gardening tool composed of a long handle and a head with prongs or teeth on it. A rake has many different uses. It can be used to clear unwanted debris in your gardens like leaves or weeds. It can also be used for scarifying or the removal of thatch or moss in your garden. Furthermore, it can be used for leveling the ground. It is indeed a convenient tool to have. Some brilliant people even found an ingenious way to use its prongs as skewers for grilling multiple hot dogs and sausages at the same time. Genius! 3. Hoes A hoe is a hand tool used in gardening and farming. A hoe has a thin flat metal blade attached to a handle. The usual hoe is commonly used in making furrows in the ground, but there are many types of hoes today. Some hoes are used for loosening soil around plants while some are for weeding and some are for tilling the ground. Hoes are quite useful in the maintenance and cultivation of your gardens. 4.Trowels Trowels come in many types and shapes. This is the most convenient tool for handling and cultivating plants. The traditional trowel has curved angles that makes it ideal for moving plants and adding compost to your plants’ soil. Digging a hole for planting can also be achieved with this tool. Nowadays, there are trowels that have special customizations to fit its user’s needs. 5.Garden Hose It is the last thing you want to forget if you’re going to start gardening. Hoses supply your garden with its much-needed water. Today, there are different hose heads for different purposes. From watering your plants to washing your cars, garden hoses are indeed a necessity not just for gardeners but for all homes. These five gardening tools will enable you to build and create your very own garden landscape. If you’re a legitimate gardener, these tools must always come in handy for you. Evidently, carrying these tools especially the long-handled ones are a quite handful. Luckily with today’s technology, companies can develop tools for this exact situation just like Root Assassin’s shovel storage rack. This tool carrier lets you carry all the tools you need at the same time. Pack your tools and start your gardening adventures now!
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