5 Reasons Why You Should Use Bluestone In Your Home
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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Bluestone In Your Home

Published by: Harrie Dadhwal (35)
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  • Versatility
    Bluestone is highly versatile and can be used in a range of different areas of your home, both inside and outside. Its non-slippery surface and high salt tolerance makes bluestone an ideal choice for pool areas. It is a stone that is also suited to other areas of the home to come into contact with water, including the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Bluestone is able to stand large amounts of weight, making it one of the best driveway choices around.
  • Variety
    Bluestone can be treated in a variety of different ways, each making the stone ideal for different applications. Flamed or thermal treated bluestone is highly resistant to salt water as well as posing a low slip risk, making it the perfect stone for pool and high traffic areas. Honed and polished bluestone has a nice glossy sheen to it, making it the better option for indoor uses. The more polished the stone becomes, the more indoor suitable. And finally, leaving bluestone natural gives it a non-uniform appearance that is perfect for cladding and low walls. .
  • Long Lasting
    Like most natural stones, bluestone is highly durable and will not wear out very easily, meaning it can handle to general wear and tear of daily living. On top of this, the stone is also unaffected by weather, chemicals and sunlight – your bluestone may very well outlive you. If properly laid and cared for, you bluestone will look the same in 10 years time as it did when it was new.
  • Aesthetics
    A very elegant paver, bluestone has a smooth finished (if flamed or honed) and will match a range of décor, from modern to more conservative lines. The colour of bluestone is dependent on how deep in the earth it was mined and ranges from deep black-blues to finer grey-blues. This makes it an attractive choice for all your paving needs, including: patios, water features, flooring, benches, wall cladding and driveways.
  • Low Maintenance
    This stone is as close as you will get to having pavers that are no maintenance. Once they are laid and sealed, most of the care ends there. A sweep every now and then to remove surface debris, or a quick mop will be sufficient to keep your bluestones clean. Any stains that manage to appear can easily be cleaned with a small amount of bleach. Chlorine is also a great bluestone stain remover, and if you have a pool will remove the stains without you even noticing.
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This Article written by Harrie Dadhwal on the behalf of Yarrabee and Castlemaine Stone Solutions. Yarrabee and Castlemaine Stone Solutions is the natural stones supplier in Melbourne who deals in Bluestones, Travertine and Pavers stones. They also offer Granite and Sandstones for make your garden more attractive and beautiful.

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