5 Things that make Boston different from other cities
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5 Things that make Boston different from other cities

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Boston, the largest city in New England, United States is one of the oldest cities in the country. The cultural and economic influence of Boston is clearly visible on the socio-economic status of New England due to which Boston is quite often termed as the unofficial ‘Capital’ of New England.

Founded in 1630 by the colonists from England called ‘Puritans’, Boston is a very compact city with total area of 89.63 sq mi (232.14 km2). The small size of the city allows the visitors to view the scenic beauty of the place within less travelling time. Car rental in Boston is a very common service availed by the tourists who are fascinated by the charm of this city. Although most of the roads in the city were built to carry the horse carts, the concrete roads add to the splendor of the place. But few horse carts still prevail in Boston and mainly used by the tourists to travel the local streets.

Apart from the historical and economical fact, there are many other things that make the city different from other cities:

    • Experience the city as a local person. The marvelous selection of theaters, museums and concerts in Boston can be best viewed by travelling in each and every part of the city.
    • If you are an avid and an adventurous traveler, then you may find yourself in the right place at Boston. Boston is a haven for aquatic and water lovers. The Charles River and the Massachusetts Bay are the best recreational spots within the city. Car rental in Boston allows you to rent a car for travelling to these places with the proper on road assistance and convenient pick up and drop off facilities.
    • No other city in United States has safeguarded its history as the Boston has. The churches are still stand intact since 18th century; the old redbrick business centers and even the city’s oldest water hole that is continuously operating since its construction are some of the historical attractions that captivate the tourists. Car rental in Boston is the best service that one can avail to reach these significant spots.
    • Every year 16.3 million visitors visit the city that makes Boston one of the ten popular attractive cities of US for tourists. Boston Car rental business also flourishes in the city during the high season, as almost all tourists hire cars for local as well as outside journeys.
  • Boston neighborhoods also attract the visitors due to large number of sight-seeing spots, restaurants, monuments and live performances. Jamaica Plain (JP), South Boston (Southie), east Boston (Eastie) and Dorchester (Dot) are some of the diverse neighbors that are even considered as separate entities on their own. For example, people call themselves “dot”, “southie”, “JP” and “eastie” rather than introducing as ‘Bostonians’.

Though, travelling to Boston is convenient in all the seasons; the unpredictable weather conditions of the city in winters should be avoided. The ideal time to visit the city is from late May-September end when almost all the tourist attractions are open.

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