5 Tips to crack NIFT entrance for Masters in 2 Weeks
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5 Tips to crack NIFT entrance for Masters in 2 Weeks

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Those who wish to pursue their masters in Fashion design, Fashion technology, Fashion Management write the NIFT entrance exam. NIFT offers three kinds of courses for Masters Masters in Fashion Design In this course has a multi-disciplinary approach to various concepts, materials, technology, business, economics, culture, promotion and consumption and presents immense scope for study and research. Masters in Fashion Management In this course the students are exposed to creative merchandising/marketing , innovative fashion management practices, information technology developments and business practices through field visits and internships. Masters in Fashion Technology This course trains students for Techno Managerial roles in the fashion industry, they learn various processes and mechanisms of different machinery. Extensive inputs are given in areas of plan layout, industrial engineering , maintenance engineering related to manufacturing fashion goods. The candidate should have a 3year/4 year degree from any discipline to pursue Masters in Fashion Design and Fashion Management as for Masters in Fashion Technology the candidate must possess an B.E or B. Tech degree. Those who want to pursue a degree in Masters of Fashion Management and Fashion Technology must attempt the GAT (General Aptitude Test), take part in a group discussion and personal interview. As for candidates who want Masters in Fashion design have to additionally write the CAT (Creative Aptitude Test). GAT The GAT (General Ability Test) has a definite syllabus consisting of quantitative ability, communicative ability, english, analytical ability, general knowledge and current affairs. The GAT tests candidates for their logical, analytical, awareness and communication abilities. . CAT The Creative Ability Test (CAT) varies each year. It’s unconventional and puts the candidate’s artistic and creative abilities to the test. Aspirants need to show a good understanding of colours, creativity and ability to communicate through sketching. Group discussion The following aspects are taken into account in a group discussion – 1) Conceptual clarity 2) Knowledge of the topic assigned 3) Contribution made to the topic 4) Interpersonal skills 5) Ability to generate new ideas 6) Problem solving approach 7) Leadership qualities 8) Effective communication Personal interview The following aspects are taken into account in a personal interview- 1) Career orientation 2) Aptness for the course 3) Overall personal achievements in academics and co-curricular activities 4) Communication 5) General awareness and aptitude, creative and lateral thinking Tips to crack the exam in just two weeks With only two weeks left you must buckle up and put in at least 8-10 hours of studying in a day. Work on whatever you’re weak at from the beginning and with the free time you have left skim through everything that you feel confident about. Keep calm – It is essential to be level headed with such a time constraint. Make it point not to save anything for later, get done with everything once and for all and most importantly remain calm, by doing so you can work through all your portions constructively . Practice mock papers – Towards the end it is advisable to take as many mock exams possible. Mock papers are very important, once the student finds all the topics manageable, they must make it a point to write mock papers. Mock papers help the student mentally prepare for exam, they help them deal with the time constraint. Coaching centres like DQ Labs collects details of the past papers and structures similar papers for students to practice, the centre offers an online platform with mock test series as well. This will give the candidate a sense of what the actual exam will be like. Watch Panel discussions – Watching group discussions online will give you an idea about how it goes, understand and observe the intricacies and decorum of a group discussion. With not enough time to practice anything do your best to make notes of whatever you’ve seen. Strict schedule – Since there isn’t a lot of time at hand, it is important to follow a rigorous timetable. Most students study 10 hours a day, working on various parts of the GAT( General Aptitude Test) . Organize your study material for the day and repeatedly go through your notes, work out as many quantitative aptitude problems as possible. With such intense preparation your efforts will be proven fruitful. Refer to Leadthecompetition for General Knowledge/Current affairs – Since you don’t have the luxury of time to go through newspapers and magazines refer Lead the competition website, this website gives you the monthly pdfs of current affairs and offers quizzes that will help you increase awareness.
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