6 Kinds of Catastrophic Food Harm To Human Health
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6 Kinds of Catastrophic Food Harm To Human Health

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We poisonous rice, the understanding of the paraffin from the poison ham, the understanding of the dichlorvos; from the Red Duck, chili sauce, met Sudan; from toxic fungus, poison dates, the understanding of sulfur; from poisonous mushrooms, the understanding of the copper sulphate from contaminated milk powder, the understanding of melamine; and “artificial eggs,“ the exposure, letting us know that the “sodium alginate, alum and gelatin.“ Recently, the health hazards of trans fatty acids caused a strong interest coverage. Besides, how many restaurants around us are threatening health? According to reports, the British “Waitrose Food Illustrated,“ to invite a number of chefs, food critics and historians, in food history, selected the 10 catastrophic food.
1, margarine

In 1869, chemist Mu Liesi invention saved more easily than butter substitute: margarine, Napoleon III had personally for his award to recognize and reward.

Disaster Tags: trans fatty acids. Although margarine has a variety of nice name: plant creamer, creamer, shortenings, vegetable cream, in fact, they have a common chemical name “trans fatty acids.“ Behind the mouth-watering delicious, it is highly likely lay hidden for people’s health, lead to diabetes, atherosclerosis, cancer and other diseases of high incidence.

Expert Weapon: According to the survey, biscuits, bread, chocolate pie, salad dressing, cream cakes, ice cream, pearl milk tea, coffee mate, are all trans fatty acids “disaster area“ to try to eat less. Purchase of packaged food, pay attention to food nutrition labels, lists of plants butter, hydrogenated vegetable oil, vegetable shortening and other foods contain trans fatty acids, the proposed purchase with caution.

2, MSG

In 1908, a Japanese scientist invented the monosodium glutamate, from the food more delicious.

Disaster Label: sodium glutamate. MSG is a chemical seasoning, the main component of glutamate in the human body can be decomposed into an inhibitory neurotransmitter. MSG intake, the body may result in the inhibition of nerve function, dizziness, headache, muscle cramps and other symptoms. MSG contains sodium, excessive intake may cause high blood pressure.

Expert Weapon: MSG nothing wrong with the original intention of the invention, but the current usage is too arbitrary, really worrisome. Studies have suggested that each dish should not add more than 05 mg of monosodium glutamate. But a lot of sauce on the market, juice, such as oyster sauce, curry, soy sauce all contain sodium glutamate. Therefore, add seasonings when cooking, do not have to recapture MSG, salt should put less. In addition, the restaurant dishes in order to ensure the taste, add more MSG is usually recommended to minimize the number of dining out.

3, canned meat

1937, “Brisbane Farm“ (Spam) luncheon meat come out, only one place in the UK with sales of 60 million cans, enough to explain its popularity.

Disaster Label: nitrite. It is often used as dyes and preservatives processed cooked meats, especially canned meat products contain higher concentrations. Excessive intake of nitrite can cause food poisoning, headache, dizziness, chest tightness, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, long-term consumption and even cause cancer.

Expert Weapon: In fact, in addition to nitrite problems, salt, fat content is too high, the loss of nutrients such as vitamin B1, are the drawbacks of cooked meat. It is recommended to try not to buy canned meat products, cooked meat to buy less, eat more fresh, home-cooking meat.

4 Fried Chicken

In 1952, Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant first opened in Utah in the United States.

Disaster label: saturated fatty acids. Restaurants fried food in order to ensure the taste, often choose high levels of palm oil fatty acids. Saturated fat is the enemy of the cardiovascular, cholesterol because it can induce high blood cholesterol, diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. Fried chicken, it is usually wrapped in a layer of batter, this will make people eat more fat. Oil for frying foods, usually 5-7 days with repeated deep-fried food will produce harmful substances. In addition, the high temperature frying of food, the loss of vitamins is also very serious.

Expert Weapon: eat fried food, preferably with the rich in vitamins and antioxidants in fruits and vegetables, such as: lotus, rape, beans, taro, hawthorn, jujube, kiwi, and citrus fruits. Meat itself contains saturated fatty acids, it is best to use steam, stew, etc. cooking to reduce their fat content.

5, bowl of instant noodles

In 1971, the bowl of instant noodles in Japan was born, followed by the introduction of other countries.

Disaster Label: polystyrene. Bowl of instant noodles in the box usually containing polystyrene, the material in temperatures above 65 degrees Celsius, will produce carcinogenic substances, a serious threat to human health. Bowl of instant noodle seasoning also contain food additives and preservatives. In addition, vitamin and mineral content of its low sodium content is quite amazing contrast. According to statistics, a bowl of instant noodles salinity in the United States Senate Special Committee on Nutrition under the maximum daily intake of 2-fold, contained about one gram of sodium glutamate as much.

Expert Weapon: instant noodles do not often eat. Do not buy the best bowl of instant noodles, cook the best time to eat. Noodles, preferably with some vegetables and protein rich foods, such as: eggs, tofu, cucumber, tomatoes and other vegetables. Only put half of the sauce enough. If the food bowl of instant noodles, the best time for soup.

6, the large cheeseburger

In 1960, the British Cheese Association, named “Farmers Lunch“ (Ploughman’slunch) became popular in the large cheeseburger.

Disaster Tags: bad cholesterol. Cholesterol into high-density cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, the former has a protective effect on the cardiovascular, often called “good cholesterol“; which high risk of cardiovascular disease risk will increase, often called “bad cholesterol. “ Numerous domestic and international research confirms that human intake of too much bad cholesterol, is easy to increase the risk of “three highs“ (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar) the risk of disease.

Expert Weapon: eggs and milk, meat, usually with higher levels of bad cholesterol, not always a lot of food. Eat such foods, attention should be with some dietary fiber-rich foods, such as: celery, carrots, beans, corn, oats. Vitamin C and vitamin E content is high fruits and vegetables such as: citrus, kiwi, grapes, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, can reduce blood fat, adjust the lipid metabolism. In addition, a cup of tea is a good choice, tea pigment tea can reduce blood cholesterol levels, prevent atherosclerosis and thrombosis, green tea than black tea better.

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