6 Skills to Succeed as a Product Design Engineer
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6 Skills to Succeed as a Product Design Engineer

Published by: Gaurav Peshkar (2)
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An innovative approach to problem solving, intuition, and empathy: all these are critical traits required to succeed in the field of product design and engineering. A product design engineer must be flexible and willing to adjust both goals and methods readily, among some other characteristics and behavior. What qualities should up-and-coming product design professionals develop before seeking employment? Here are some qualities that the best design courses in India inculcate in their students: 1.Ambition: Designers have the proclivity to notice and analyse how devices like remotes feel in their hands, pick-up on bad kerning, and can spot almost non-existent flaws in furniture. Its not a superpower being able to see these things the rest of us cant. It’s the ambitious nature of a designer that makes them sensitive to such discrepancies, and continually makes them think of how they can make things better. 2.Empathy: Designers rely on empathy to make important user experience decisions in the early phase of discovery as well as user testing. A good designer must also be a good listener and be  open to profoundly understanding the human experience. He/she makes sure to be inclusive regarding inputs before presenting solutions to a problem. 3.Non-linear thinking: To continue innovating designers approach problems from unexpected angles, and rationalize their way back to a sound concept. 4.Pattern recognition: Being a good designer requires the ability to see patterns in interfaces so as to produce more work in shorter timeframes. This is possible because seeing patterns allows designers to look for more ways to simplify the pattern and reuse it thus speeding the development in later stages. 5.Hands on approach: A hands-on approach to design among the key elements of successful product designers and engineers. Often things that look fantastic in a CAD model might turn out to be awkward or clunky as prototypes. Successful product design engineers are known for building simple mock-ups that they can be held in their hands and physically interacted with. This gives them the opportunity to get an understanding of how the consumer would interact with the product while also experiencing the layout, ergonomics, menu structure, etc. Standing in customers’ shoes provides designers the opportunity to add value and to create products that will resonate with customers. This approach to learning is often instilled in designers provided they have studied from the top design college in India. 6.Taking Responsibility: Good designers take responsibility. They are able to deliver measurable results for each feature/ product they introduce. This also involves analysing and recommending improvements on behalf of their team. A responsible designer digs into user insights to understand in-depth how the features of his/her product will affect his/her user and seek ways for improvement.
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