A crystal and a gemstone – what is difference?
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A crystal and a gemstone – what is difference?

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A crystal and a gemstone – what is difference? Crystals and gemstones are equally beautiful to look at.  Most of us cannot differentiate one from another. Here are a few pointers that one can use, but first a look at what they are……. What is a Crystal? Crystals are pure solid minerals made of atoms and form uniform and eye-catching geometric patterns. There are many varieties, and most crystals are found in abundance. What is a Gem or a Gemstone? Most Gems are precious crystals with special qualities like rarity, durability, beauty, and luster.  Some of them, of course, are not minerals like crystals, but display gem qualities mentioned above.  For example Jade and opal How are Crystals and Gemstones different? Simply put, even rock salt is a crystal; but can it be a gemstone?  The difference is apparent.  Here are some pointers to elaborate this point…… 1. All Crystals are not Gemstones Majority of these hard rare stones are special crystals.  Diamonds, Emeralds, and Rubies are some crystal gems while Ice, sugar, and salt are also forms of crystals. 2. Gems are durable Gems are often cut and polished to make carvings or jewelry.  Only those Crystals that are durable and withstand all the cutting and polishing displaying other special features qualify as Gemstones.  Diamonds qualify as they are the most durable materials found on Earth. 3. The precious stones are rare Crystals are found in abundance as deposits on Earth.  But the special crystals are rare and mining them is even more difficult.  According to the Guinness Book of World Records-  2005,  Painite is the rarest precious stone found on earth. 4. Classification of Gemstones and Crystals Crystals are classified according to their geometric shape –  Hexagonal, Tetragonal, Rhombohedral etc. On the other hand, the Special stones are classified on the basis of their color, transparency, and hardness. 5. They are expensive Since they are rare, gems are more expensive than crystals.  The price of these precious stones is determined by their color, cut, rarity and hardness. 6. Application While the special rare stones are used for Jewlery and Gemstone carving, Crystals are used for healing and scientific purposes.   Gems are also in great demand because they have a positive astrological impact on people’s lives.   Gemstones and Crystal differ in their composition, availability, application, cost, Classification, and durability. Ma Passion is one of the leaders in the market of Gemstone Carving and Jewellery.  We source gems from reputed dealers around the world and employ the best craftsman to mold them into exquisite ornaments or carvings. Comment below if you want to know more about these amazing wonders of Mother Nature.  Our personnel who are ever ready to explain which Precious mineral will best suit your needs.
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