A Glimpse of the Contributions of Swami Ramdev to India
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A Glimpse of the Contributions of Swami Ramdev to India

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Swami Ramdev is a very popular Yoga guru originating from India and spreading across the world in a short time. His basic techniques of yoga and especially pranayams have helped millions and have made Baba Ramdev a household name.

Yoga is the ancient form of exercise that believes in the concept of keeping body, mind and soul in harmony for a healthy living. Baba Ramdev is a very popular figure who has healed thousands of people from major and minor ailments. Swami Ramdev has simplified yoga and made it available to the masses through television. Through a daily telecast on television, he has taught millions the basic yoga exercises and helped them lead a healthier and happier life.

In the modern lifestyle of today, not many people think of going to the holy places like the Himalayas and river banks to get trained in Yoga and other ancient practices. Swami Ramdev had taken this initiative to reach into the homes of people and introduce them to the forgotten concept of yoga. Though he himself has gone through excessive trainings and lead a very disciplined life, he does not expect it from everybody and shares his discoveries and knowledge with the masses openly. His medicines and yoga practices are found to be very effective against physical, mental and emotional disorders.

Even elderly people or people with medical conditions who find themselves unable to do any form of exercise have benefitted by Baba Ramdev’s pranayam techniques. Pranayams are simple breathing techniques and one does not need to be completely fit in order to carry them out. Swami Ramdev was born in a village in Northern India, and studied yoga from his teen years. He is a true disciple of Acharya Baldev and has studied the theories behind Yoga from Maharishi Dayanand and Maharishi Patanjali. Baba Ramdev also holds knowledge of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical science.

After several foreign invasions and attacks on India, rich ancient technologies like Yoga and Ayurveda suffered a lot. India was under British rule for a long time and the ancient practices and study of scriptures had taken a back it. It is due to the continuous and selfless effort of Swami Ramdev that so many Indians have restores their faith in these practices and scriptures. Swamiji runs his own Yoga schools in northern India and also suggests Ayurvedic medicines for common ailments. His medications and Yoga have helped people cure many of the incurable diseases and hence he has gained immense popularity in India as well as abroad.

Baba Ramdev has also been an active social worker. I spite of helping people retain optimal health and vitality, he has also worked towards social causes. He was recently in highlights for his non-violent fight against corruption in India. He protested against corruption through a peaceful fast supporting the Lokpal bill. He also initiated a movement called “Bharat Swabhiman“ to maintain and bring back the true pride of India. He believes in vegetarianism and promotes it to his followers for a healthy life.

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Swami Ramdev has contributed towards the development of India through Yoga, Ayurveda and Social Work. Baba Ramdev has reached to millions of people and shared Yoga concepts with the masses.


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