A Look At the History Of Swimming Pools
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A Look At the History Of Swimming Pools

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If you go by the exact definition, you will find that swimming pools are referred to as containers, which are filled with water and are mainly used for swimming or other water based recreation games. The history of these pools dates back to many years. Historians will tell you that they even existed in the days of Mohenjodaro and Harrappan civilization in third millennium BC. The pool, which was discovered there, is 12 by 7 meters and lined with bricks. It was covered with tar-based sealant.

Slowly further developments took place to modernize the pool. It is a known fact that Europe is a cold continent where at times there is snowfall. Now swimming is something, which is practically impossible in cold weather. Therefore, it was during the 1st century BC heated pools came into existence. 

Pools can be divided into private or public ones. Public pools are also present in hotels and clubs. The dimension of pools depends upon their use. The width is not a major factor as most pools are wide enough. The depth is far more important. If it is a private one, meant for relaxation, it may be at the most 1 to 2 m deep.  However, if you want to dive, you should ensure that it is at least 3 to 5.5 m deep.    

Today, it is all about living life in a grand way, giving focus to the decoration and giving swimming pool a grander look. Therefore, swimming pool designs are an important part of the set up. There are professionals who will help you to decorate and build a perfect pool, which will be your pride and the visitors’ envy.

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