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A Review Of Swaziland

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Swaziland is officially known as the Kingdom of Swaziland. Sometime Swaziland is also called Ngwane or Swatini. Swaziland is situated in South Africa. Swaziland is bordered to south, north and west by South Africa, and bordered by Mozambique to the east. Swaziland is a small country. Swaziland is about 200 kilometers from north to south and about 130 kilometers from east to west. Swaziland western side is mountainous. The first Legislative Council of Swaziland was founded on September 9th, 1964. Then Legislative Council proposed some changes in constitution which were acknowledged by Britain. In 1967 the elections were held under this constitution. In Swaziland King is the head of State. The current king name is King Mswati 11. Swaziland has four districts and then these districts are subdivided in to tinkhundla. Swaziland has 55 tinkhundla. The names of districts in Swaziland are Hhohho, Lubombo, Manzini, Shiselweni.

Swaziland has various varieties of landscapes. Different rivers flow through the Swaziland. The name of rivers is Great Usuthu River and many other. Lubombo is on the eastern border of Swaziland. It is a mountain edge at an height of 600 meters. Canyons of three rivers are broken the mountain, the Mbuluzi, the Usutu and the Ngwavuma. The weather in December is of mid summer in Swaziland and the weather in June is of mid winter in Swaziland. The rainfalls are usually occurs during the months of summer. Usually Rainfalls come after the thunderstorms. In Swaziland winters are dry seasons. The highest rainfall annually is on the Highveld in the west. The highest rainfall is almost 1000 and 2000 millimeters in the year. There are also different temperatures in different regions. The average temperature in September to October is 18 degree centigrade, and in November to March the temperature is 20 degree centigrade, in April to May the temperature is usually 17 degree centigrade, and in June to August the temperature is 13 degree centigrade.

Swaziland economy is moderate. It depends on the forestry, agriculture and mining for almost 13% of GDP, textiles and processing and services contributes 37% of GDP, and the government services contribute 50% of GDP. The high valued and most widely grown crops are sugar, forestry and citrus. Many peoples are related with agriculture. Swaziland’s major trading partners are United States and the European Union. Swaziland is exporting bulk amount of sugar to European Union. Textiles export also expanded now. Swaziland population is dangerously affected by the HIV and AIDS deadly disease which is a big danger to the society. HIV infection rate is highest in the World. Swaziland has lowest life expectancy of humans it is only 32 years. Almost 64% deaths are caused by HIV AIDS in Swaziland which is a dangerous situation. Swaziland is taking many steps to prevent AIDS but still not successes. Swaziland is rich culture and the most important event of the Swaziland is Incwala occasion. The Incwala is held on the December 21. This word Incwala meaning in English is first fruits ceremony.

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