A Review Of Zimbabwe
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A Review Of Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe is officially known as Republic of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is located in the south side of African continent. Zimbabwe is bordered by South Africa to the south side and Botswana to the south west. The name Zimbabwe was introduced in 1960. before this name Zimbabwe was know as Southern Rhodesia in 1923, and in 1965 Zimbabwe Rhodesia. The climate of Zimbabwe is moderate. The hottest months are February and March and the coldest are July and August. The rainfalls are around the year some time heavy and some time light. The temperature is almost cool at nights.

The official language in Zimbabwe is English but there are also many languages which are widely used in Zimbabwe are Shona, Ndebele. The white and colored minorities consider English as their native language. The Shona is spoken by 76% of populatin. The Ndebele is spoken by 18 % of the population. There are also minorities languages which are Vendya, Tsonga, Shangaan, Kalanga, Sotho, Nambya and Ndau. English is extensively spoken in the cities but in rular area people use to speak their own native languages. The radio and television are now broadcasts news and programmes in Shona, Ndebele and English. The health departments in Zimbabwe are working properly and have all medical treatments but not good as compared to many countries. It was reported that HIV Aids is too much in Zimbabwe. The infected people age is 19 to 49 year. This is a very worse condition. In 2008 three major hospitals of Zimbabwe shut down. The worse condition was in 2008 when large population of Zimbabwe was infected by the cholera epidemic.

The education system of Zimbabwe is also good. The adult literacy rate is 92%. Many of the children’s use to go to the government schools and rich people send their children to the independent schools. In 1980 the school education was made free but slightly they put some fesses. The Zimbabwe education system cycle is consists of 2 years pre schools. 7 years of primary schools and then 6 years of secondary schools. After competition of these academic years you can enter in to the University. The academic period in Zimbabwe is January to December. The students go their institutions 40 weeks in year. If you are interested in O levels and A levels also offered in June. In Zimbabwe there are 7 public universities and four church related universities. In 1952 the largest and first university was build in Harare which name is University of Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe the education level in 2008 become low because of the economic changes, most of the teacher stop giving their service and go to the strike because of the less pay. The news media is in tight restrictions by the government because of the political and economic crisis. Many medias in Zimbabwe are banned which are foreign broadcasting stations includes BBC, CNN, Fox News, Sky News, Channel 4, American Broadcasting. The news papers which are from western countries are also banned in the Zimbabwe.

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