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About Shanti Juniors School Pre School

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Positive learning experiences at an early age contribute to the development of each child’s sense of self and emotional well being. Our effort is to provide quality education and we strive for excellence.

We, at Shanti Juniors - a preschool franchise chain in Ahmedabad; strive to make the transition from home to preschool a smooth journey for our children. We nurture the young ones’ talents by identifying and fulfilling their individual needs, to create happy children with a focus on holistic development. This is done through the various programs offered by us which are as follows:

Playgroup: Children from approximately 1 ½ to 2 ½ years

Nursery school: Children from approximately 2 ½ to 3 ½ years

Junior KG school: Children from approximately 3 ½ to 4 ½ years

Senior KG school: Children from approximately 4 ½ to 5 ½ years

We at ‘Shanti Juniors’ believe in enhancing a child’s development through exposure of children through different play school activities along with a variety of toys and learning aids in a stimulating and conducive environment and to provide a rich environment that entails nature as well as technology to further our juniors’ wholesome development.

At Shanti Juniors - the preschool in Ahmedabad; children learn in an eco-friendly and colourful environment in consonance with an innovative methodology specially evolved by us to promote holistic development of every little ‘Junior’ which lures every child to enjoy, explore, interact and innovate. Our unique methodology is inspired by international theories in early childhood education with integration of culture fair and traditional flavor.

Display of children’s work along with teaching aids makes the classroom environs come alive. Teachers and helpers are the primary care and comfort providers for our preschoolers along with facilitation of developments. Curiosity probing teaching and learning aids are thoughtfully selected and designed to provide a stimulating environment that fosters wholesome development in children.
Inspired by creative ideas, Shanti Juniors play school has come up with a variety of innovative products and services that compliment our preschool endeavour. A healthy snack-time menu made by nutritionists is a novel introduction in all our schools to take care of the nutritional needs of our preschoolers. Health check-ups by doctors/pediatricians followed by a record of their observations and recommendations are our way to promote fitness in all our school franchisees.

‘Shanti Juniors’ also invites all parents to ‘Celebrate Childhood’ and enjoy every phase of their child’s development as their little feet make their way towards an educational journey. Parents achieve milestones of happiness with each experience of their child’s development. ‘Shanti Juniors’ – the preschool, believes that partnership with parents is very essential for grooming preschoolers in their formative years to become responsible citizens of the world. In keeping this view in mind, we offer the parents are variety of programs like the Orientation Program, monthly partnership meets, testimonials, workshops and seminars and celebration of Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day and so on.
Celebrations of days and events like annual day, sports day etc are a part of the daily routine along with the celebration of the Festivals which are a mark of the diverse country we live in;  our way to respect our culture and bestow it’s value upon our little ‘Juniors’

Lastly, ‘Shanti Juniors’ is the launch pad for little ones in formative years who have begun their educational journey. Child’s first preschool is the place where love for learning is developed for a life time. We take this opportunity to express what our noble dream of ‘Shanti Juniors’ would rise to be;

Our juniors would be the smiling faces who possess love to learn for life in school.

Our juniors would be strong and smart adolescents who can make the right choices for themselves to overcome challenges.
Our juniors would make their parents proud with their skills, knowledge and expertise which they shall express with finesse in whatever they do.

Our juniors would be global citizens of the world who respect their family, country, it’s culture and traditions.

Our juniorwould be independent, loved and loving individuals whose company shall be worthy.

Shanti Juniors - About the Author:

‘Shanti Juniors School’ believes in enhancing child’s development through exposure of children to a variety of toys and learning aids in a stimulating and conducive environment. juniors play school and Preschool promises to deliver quality education through innovative and multi disciplined techniques. Contact for preschool franchise in Ahmedabad 


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