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Access Control System In Orissa

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Access control uses a cutting-edge technology that facilitates secure and safe biometric access in electronically controlled doors.

Door Access Control system that allows fast identification and smart access control for sensitive entrances where the speed and the security are vital. This system’s core supports both 1:1 & 1: N matching system, based on a stand-alone or networked database. The most widely used mechanism for preventing unauthorized access to systems is Identification and Authentication. Identification is the process where a user gives a valid and recognized identity to the system and authentication is the process whereby the system verifies the supplied identity.

Access control, which is the concept of authorization, is concerned with determining the allowed Activities of legitimate users. The major aim of access control systems is to protect system resources against inappropriate and undesired user access. To reduce the security risks on computer systems as much as possible, there is a need to define who is allowed to access the stored information, which system resources the user is allowed to access, and what type of actions he/she is allowed to perform on those resources. Access control is one of the most important security mechanisms in the network environment and web services. Access control consists of policy, model and mechanism. The policy is the statement of what is, and what is not allowed, while the model is the formal representation of the security policies enforced by the system and is useful for proving the theoretical limitations of a system.

Access control is the process by which users are identified and granted certain privileges to information, systems, or resources. Understanding the basics of access control is fundamental to understanding how to manage proper disclosure of information.

Resources are accessed is paramount to protecting private and confidential information from unauthorized users. The types of access control mechanisms available for information technology initiatives today continues to increase at a breakneck pace. Most access control methodologies are based on the same underlying principles. If you understand the underlying concepts and principles, you can apply this understanding to new products and technologies and shorten the learning curve so you can keep pace with new technology initiatives.

Access control device (fingerprint access control) is effective management way to control entry/exit security for important sections, make great use on working environment security, human resource time attendance etc. administration management. Base on entry/exit verification methods can be classified below 3 kinds:

Biometric verification

Base on user’s biometric character to verify entry/exit right, have fingerprint, iris and facial verification method. High secure, no need carry card. Convenient and secure method of controlling door entry Authentication by Biometrics to gain entry higher security than conventional systems No keys or cards to carry No need to issue keys or cards for every user Accurate recording of arrivals and departures Real time monitoring of door access Intelligent access control by group or time schedule

Password verification

Base on user’s password to verify entry/exit right, have 2 kinds, one is common method, the other is disorder keypad method (number on keypad not fixed, auto changed irregularly). Common method is easy operation, no need carry card, low cost. Disorder keypad method is also easy operation, no need carry card but higher security.

Card verification

Via card or card (password) to verify entry/exit right, 2 kinds cards, magnetic card and RF card. Magnetic card is lower cost, one user carry one card (password), common security, can be communicated with PC, have door open records. RF card reader device is no touch, convenient and safe to open door; long life, logical data can keep 10 years at least; high secure, can be communicated with PC, have door open records and can realize two-way control. Card is hard to be duplicated.

 I-clock is a compact standalone, low cost, fingerprint recognition based access control and time attendance terminal. I-clock stores up to 3000 fingerprints making it suitable for homes, offices, and other access control applications.

I-clock is ready to use, easy to install device. Any electrician can install it with electromagnetic lock with simple instructions provided by us. Other Biometric readers are available with Smart / Mi-fare card reader, RS485 / Ethernet networking and centralized management.

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:: Features

Security with advanced fingerprint minutiae matching.

High-performance, maintenance-free optical fingerprint scanner.

Supports greasy, oily, wet, smeared and even stained fingers.

Fast and Perfect Authentication (less than 1 sec.) through excellent Algorithm.

Combines several authentication types (fingerprint, password, and Card).

Eliminates proxy punching.

Reduces administrative cost.

Optional Features

 :: EM lock. :: Battery backup. :: RS485 networking. ::

 Formula One Solutions Pvt Ltd is the leading provider to the Orissa’s finest organizations. We have a challenging and inspiring mission: to improve the quality of biometric & access control system by enabling organizations to do more. This mission gives us the purpose to develop innovative technologies and products that help the organizations.

Bimalendu Pradhan - About the Author:

Formula One Solutions are the only distributor in Orissa for Smart Card,Time Attendance Machine, Boi-metric Locks, Flap Barrier, I-Cards and Accesories; Our Time attendance software has Red Printing for Late Comers and for Absent users. We have also Access Control Mechanism Using Boi-Metric Products. Majority of our staff are technical-oriented and experience in this field.

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