Add a touch of luxury to your home by investing in some Egyptian cotton bedding
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Add a touch of luxury to your home by investing in some Egyptian cotton bedding

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There’s nothing nicer than the feeling of getting into bed when the sheets have just been changed and wrapping yourself up in that newly-clean, soft and cosy duvet. But there is something out there which can make this experience even better. Egyptian cotton bedding is the latest fashion to be found within the household. Whilst it is known for being used within high-class hotel rooms, people have decided lately that they want to bring this unique bedding into their own homes. Its promises of bringing comfort and durability to the bedroom, allow us to add a touch of luxury to our nightly slumber. Egyptian cotton originates from a tropical plant called Gossypium barbadense (also known as extra long staple cotton), identifiable by its distinctive yellow petals and black seeds.

The natural fibres that are attained from this plant are then turned into Egyptian cotton sheets, producing a fabric that is soft, luxurious, divine and extremely comfortable. Any Egyptian cotton bedding feels cool and crisp to the touch, meaning that it is suitable for use during any time of the year. During any discussions about cotton sheets, you may have heard the term “thread count” being thrown around quite a bit. Vertical and horizontal threads are used to create this material and the “thread count” refers to how many are used in one square inch of fabric.

Therefore, if an item of bedding were to have a high thread count (it is generally suggested that one purchases bedding with a minimum thread count of 200), then it would mean that the fabric would feel smoother and more luxurious. From a practical perspective, Egyptian cotton does not demand any specific requirements and can easily be machine washed with the rest your laundry. As well as this, there is no need to worry about Egyptian cotton losing its colour as it can last for many years without any noteworthy fading; because of this and as an extremely absorbent fabric, Egyptian cotton allows sheets to be set with deeper, brighter and more resistant colours. Egyptian cotton bed linen is luxurious to anyone, but for those who have difficulty in sleeping, it is advisable to invest in some Egyptian cotton sheets.

More often than not, the reason for one’s insomnia is due to discomfort in some way; whilst this could be due to a regular pain that one may be suffering etc, it can simply be down to uncomfortable bedding. Egyptian cotton is extremely absorbent and takes moisture away from the body during sleep; this consequently reduces our sleeping temperature, enabling us to sleep much more comfortably. If you are one who suffers with insomnia, try investing in Egyptian cotton sheets as they could be more beneficial to you than you may initially think.

Many people keep their bedding for years and do not invest in anything new. Have a think about when the last time was that you bought yourself new bedding. By constantly using and washing your old bedding, you are slowly wearing it down and consequently, making it lose its original comfort that was so appealing to you when you first bought your bedding. By treating yourself and investing in Egyptian cotton bedding, not only will you be gaining that long-overdue comfort, you can also rest assured that your investment will be long lasting. Egyptian cotton sheets are made from fine cotton that has a high thread count per square inch and as a result of this, your high quality Egyptian cotton sheets will last for years on end. 

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Browns of Weston sell a wide range of bed linen as well as bath linen and curtains. Established in 1909, they currently stock Egyptian cotton sheets of 200, 400 and 800 thread count and are constantly expanding their range. To add that touch of luxury to your home, contact Browns of Weston today and invest in some Egyptian cotton bedding. Egyptian cotton bedding

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