Advantages of the Pure Residential Company
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Advantages of the Pure Residential Company

Published by: Astrid Taylor (23)
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The Pure Residential Company deals with renting, selling of properties in the Norfolk and Norwich region. They also have an office in Fakenham. Man made houses to live in and when he needed to move to another place, he either sold his property or put it up on rent. But searching for prospective buyers yourself can deny the owner proper market price and even turn out to be a nightmare. This is where the Pure Residential Company comes to the rescue. They are estate agents of Norfolk and they act as the liaison between the client and the owner and help in maturing of a profitable contract between both the parties.

The Pure Residential Company believes in traditional methods but with a contemporary twist. Their approach and techniques are modern and yet they don’t forget that their ultimate aim is a satisfied client. The reasons that they are one of the most successful retail giants in the market are as follows.

 Modern concepts of the company

  • Extensive Databases: The Pure Lettings Company, part of Central Hotel of Bed and Breakfast (Norwich), has an extensive database of potential clients and tenants. The landlords and the tenants always approach the Pure Residential Company for suggestions regarding buying and selling of properties. This results in having ready clients to invest.
  • Web Optimisation: The Company optimises the search engine on a regular basis so that the ranking of the company always remain at the top. This way the company ensures that the properties available are easily accessible to the clients.
  • Virtual Tours: The virtual tour enables the buyer to see the property that they want from the comforts of their own homes. The tour helps in the deciding factor as to whether the property is as per the needs and requirements.
  • Floor Plans: The floor plans are provided to the customer so that they can decide whether they want to view the house or not. This is given on all the properties without any extra charge.

The traditional deal

  • Employees of the company are highly trained and experienced professionals who have a thorough knowledge of the market and their work.
  • Personal guidance: A valuer visits the property and gives individual advice on the correct market price of the property. They also help in the sale process and talk with solicitors that will aid in the process making it less time consuming and stress-free for both the sides.
  • The “Pure Promise”: The Company ascertain the clients about regular weekly feedbacks about the status of the property. The best possible price is negotiated for the client. An agent is also present so that they can represent the property properly, answer and clear all doubts.
  • After sales treatment: The Company has contacts with the locals to ensure a smooth sale process. The Company also provides a weekly updates to the buyer/seller, solicitor and the agents involved.

The company remembers that the client is the most important and client satisfaction is the ultimate achievement. You feel contented to give someone a place that they can call their “Home” and Pure Residential does that successfully.

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