An Hour s Happiness Brought about the Effects
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An Hour s Happiness Brought about the Effects

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In the Alaska of United States, there is a small town called Groot Gillen. Here is near to the Arctic Circle, and the annual temperature is 4℃, even the lowest winter temperatures can reach minus 40℃. Throughout the year, the town is being enveloped in snow. As the cold weather, the residents’ sources of life are limited, therefore, people of the town are more unemployed, and people’s lives are very difficult. Many people are despaired, and some even plan to leave their homes to go to other places to make a living.

In order to disperse the pessimistic atmosphere of Groot Gillen, and to encourage local residents to improve their lives, at February 1 this year, the Groot Gillen Commission has established a unique law in the world. The law provides that: every evening from 6 pm to 7 pm is “happy one hour” time. In the 60 minutes, all residents of the town, including the guests traveling to the town have to be happy, and have no fighting, not be angry, not be pessimistic, not be anxious as well as not be unhappy. Anyone who violates this law will be fined, while the serious ones will be enforced to accept learning. Learning content is watching comedy movies and witty television talk show.

After this strange law established, every evening 6 o’clock to 7 o’clock, those smiling street polices and law enforcement officers have to observe whether people are happy. If they find people who are unhappy, the law enforcement is still smiling to punish the unhappy people. Gradually, in the daily “happy one hour” period, Groot Gillen town became a happy camp, both men and women, regardless of wealthy businessmen or general civilians; they all get together, laugh and amuse each other. Perhaps happiness is infectious, and in this revelry, everyone becomes ease of mind, and those who were in depression are infected, adding to the joy of the team.

Perhaps, really “happy law” had the effect, joy and warmth comes in the cold Arctic town, and now the town of Groot Gillen is full of vitality. People all live in happiness. They have no depression, no fighting, no quarrel, and no unhappiness. Happiness can bring so many benefits. Why not being happy people?

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