An Overview Of Chairs
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An Overview Of Chairs

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To talk about chairs of all the things in the world, I mean who in this whole universe doesn’t know about chairs? Chairs have been such a part of history that they are almost interconnected. You talk about history and you automatically talk about chairs. Okay so we would have to establish a basic socially acceptable definition of the famous chair anyway isn’t it? Talking about chairs, a simple or to be more precise the simplest structure of a petty chair is quite easily identifiable. A chair would ordinarily and normally consist of a simple seat and a back to support your elongated spinal cord that most often than not, really truly needs some kind of support to handle the healthy pressure it is put upon.

From the beginning of this world and evaluation of mankind, the work that has burdened over the spindly shoulders of mankind has been outsourcing in more various shapes and dimensions than can be handled by an average normal human being. So, with the evolution of work, man has learnt adaptability and adjustability. For the sole purpose of his comfort and ease to handle the work load, chairs were invented. First of all, the noble and ancient thinkers and builders of the long past rusty history world thought to build some kind of raised surface in which man can sit upon and go about his work without over exerting himself. What I mean is, they must’ve grown really tired and sick of sitting over rocks and boulders to do all their works and their wives would have probably given them hell because of all the discomfort they faced while mopping and cooking and washing and what not. They must have demanded some kind of resting space that could also be moved according to the varying work places. After getting tired of all the stupid bickering of the ladies, the men must have stood about and fashioned a seat out of wood that was probably the fore father of the modern chair.

Bringing wood into the equation of chair making is because I believe the ladies wouldn’t have been too thrilled with the stone seats as they were way too hard and rocky surfaced and also couldn’t be moved easily because of the enormous weight. After the basic seat, it must have been realized as some point that man needs to relax too, and while sitting on the seats, but where to rest the back on? So here comes our chair back into the scene. The legs were added later to give a comfort to the legs too as they needed some healthy place to stretch out. After all these long and hard efforts, the shape of our most basic shape came into account. The comfort, as you might have noticed was the fore most factor in the fashioning of chair but the decorations were also taken into account according to the varying tastes much later.

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