An Overview of Real Estate in Shadyside
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An Overview of Real Estate in Shadyside

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Shadyside is the eclectic and creative East End of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which maintains an eclectic lifestyle for their residents. Carnegie Mellon University is located on the far east corner and the area if filled with college shops, restaurants and neighborhood pubs. Surrounding the neighborhood of Shadyside are the Pittsburg neighborhoods of Oakland, Squirrel Hill, Eats Liberty, Bloomfield, and Friendship. If you are looking for a place to live that welcomes the new, but still retains a taste of the old style, then Shadyside homes are for you.

Purchasing Real Estate in Shadyside

In purchasing realty Shadyside property, this neighborhood will take you back in history over one hundred years. During the mid 19th century, Shadyside was in the midst of farmland and fields. The name Shadyside came from the railroad stop that was located there. During the 1920’s, artists, well-to-do folks, the young professionals, and students began to populate Shadyside and still do today.

Now in the 21st century, apartments, condos, and homes can be purchased that retain the 19th century ambiance of remodeled homes, complete with beautiful hardwood floors and high ceilings that are right alongside 2010 architectural designs. The ambience of the neighborhood encourages your unique and individual lifestyles. Shadyside homes are places of character for you to invest in.

Living in Shadyside, an upscale community

Shadyside is filled with upscale shops, boutiques and lunchtime restaurants that simply entice residents into being a part of the community. Typically the four seasons in Shadyside allow realty Shadyside homeowners the pleasure of enjoying spring, summer, winter, and fall among the Victorian mansions and the tall old trees that line the streets of Shadyside.

With close proximity to Pittsburg, it is only a half an hour ride into Pittsburgh for plays, concerts, shopping, and discovering the many parks around the area. The schools in the neighborhood consist of Liberty School and two private schools, and of course, the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.

As you shop for your dream home in Shadyside, you will find a selection of properties ranging from $67,200 for a one bedroom apartment to over 1.5 million dollars for a newly refurbished, three bedroom/4 bath version of a Victorian mansion. Ask your real estate agent about any foreclosures because they are available for the right person. Condos represent the new architecturally designed buildings and are an average of $300,000 to $400,000. Shadyside is a beautiful community to find your dream home.

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