An Overview of Toothache Symptoms and Causes
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An Overview of Toothache Symptoms and Causes

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A toothache is no fun, and it can be scary when you don’t know the cause. In most of the cases, it is a sign that there is something wrong with your teeth and gums. You should never ignore toothaches, as it can create several dental problems if left untreated. Though toothaches are not life-threatening, they can be warning signs of serious conditions that need to be addressed immediately. Toothaches may be stabbing and sharp, or may only when pressure is applied to the tooth. What are the causes of a toothache? A toothache around a tooth may be caused due to - Dental decay - Abscessed tooth - Tooth fracture - A damaged filling - Grinding teeth or clenching - Infected gums - An eruption of a wisdom tooth What does a toothache feel like? You may experience any one of the following symptoms - Throbbing pain - Swelling around your tooth or gum - Mild to high fever - Sharp pain when you bite down or touch your tooth - Painful sensitivity on your tooth in response to hot or cold foods When should you visit the dentist about a toothache? You must visit your dentist in Parramatta as early as possible if your toothache is severe, lasts longer than 1 or 2 days, and when you have a fever and earache upon opening your mouth wide. Proper identification of dental infections is essential to prevent its spread to other parts of your body. What are the treatments available for a toothache? Treatment for a toothache is always based on the cause. If the cavity is the cause, the dentist in Parramatta will fill the cavity or extract the tooth, if required. But, don’t worry you can replace the missing teeth with dental implants in Parramatta. A root canal therapy might be recommended if the cause for your toothache is determined to be an infection of the tooth’s nerve. If the pain is caused due to an impacted wisdom tooth, your dentist will recommend wisdom teeth removal in Parramatta. How to prevent toothaches? As most of the toothaches are caused due to tooth decay, following good oral hygiene practice can prevent it. A good oral habit includes brushing and flossing regularly, rinsing once a day with an antiseptic mouthwash, and visiting the dentist for a professional cleaning. Plus, eat foods that are low in sugar, stick to a healthy diet and avoid carbonated drinks.
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