Android Phone will Enter into Space to Control Microsatellites?
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Android Phone will Enter into Space to Control Microsatellites?

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Recently, the British company Surrey Satellite Technology plans to send a cell phone into space, and tests whether the complex features of modern mobile phone is still valid to use in the most challenging space environment. According to the engineer of the Surrey Satellite Technology, the phone will be Google Android, but the specific model has not yet announced. In this year’s task, it will be used to control a 30cm long micro-satellite, and it is responsible for shooting pictures for the Earth. Surrey Satellite Technology plans to control a 30cm microsatellite by smart phone, and taking pictures of the Earth.

Last year, Google had ever sent Nexus S smart phone together with balloon to 18 Kilometers upper air. A little smart phone has many features. Prototype Phone Surrey Satellite Technology shows the purpose of this experiment is to find aerospace electronic equipment which is more economical without special custom. It will reduce future spacecraft design and manufacturing costs. It is said that the model in studying is a standard smart phone, you can easily buy it in the local street, and also the price does not exceed 450 dollars. Kenyon said, “We do not disassemble it, nor change its internal structure or remove its board. We are planning to send it to our satellite in its original appearance.

In fact, we plan to install another camera in satellite, so that we can take pictures of the phone and operate its screen. ” Taking Pictures of Earth The most critical point throughout the study is the phone’s operating system. Android is an open source software, which means that Surrey Satellite Technology’s engineers can modify it to suit its various functions. In the harsh environment of space, it requires that phone must be placed inside the satellite, so that the satellite can provide proper protection for its shell. Also leaving a small hole in satellite’s shell, then the phone can take pictures of Earth over this hole. Of course, the phone will not send their information by itself to Earth.

The back information and pictures what needs to send are transmitted via satellite signal. Monitoring the Satellites In order to accurately locate and operate, the satellite will use advanced navigation and control systems, such as miniature reaction wheels, GPS receivers and other pulsed plasma thruster. The phone in the satellite will also monitor these subsystems. The researchers show that Android system has a good open source, once sending phone to orbit they can develop all kinds of apps for it. Moreover, if it is proved that smart phones can work in space, it will open the door to new technologies for whom is committed to space research but haven’t sufficient financial resources. At the same time, this is a real revolution for the whole industry.

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