Application of Augmented Reality in Various Fields
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Application of Augmented Reality in Various Fields

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Augmented reality is the computer-aided imagery generating process of enhancing or amplifying the real world visuals we see by our own eyes. The essence behind augmented reality development is to achieve additional description and definition to the real world objects and places. Augmented reality is different from virtual reality since virtual reality only creates a computer-simulated environment. Augmented reality usually takes a real-world object as the base and combines it with various techniques for adding a description to help it become more understandable about the real thing. For example, a jet pilot will be able to calculate the position of an enemy by the aid of headgear incorporated with a computer interface and other satellite and radar technologies that copies the geographical battlefield hence increasing success chances of the pilot’s mission. Augmented reality development technology is advancing in growth, consequently putting many aviation fields in its realm like, where the pilot can get valuable information such as landscape, maps instructions, climate and technical details on the plane itself. In museums, the technology is used where some artifacts can be tagged with descriptions like the time it was forged or found together with its historical details. In medical, the technology is used where a doctor can access a patient’s data for diagnostics, and still wherein accessing information on regarding the mechanism or how things are provided to engineering students. In automotive industries, it is used in the integration of car to enable on-screen navigation that allows a driver to acquire directions right on the car windscreen. Augmented reality also acts as a source of information and entertainment to an ordinary person. We have various mobile application based on augmented reality that can be helpful sources of information. Some of the most suitable AR applications in a store are Google Goggles, Layar, Spot Crime, Augmented Colors, Augmented Car Finder, and Google Sky Map. Mar Invaders Lookator, Tag What and much more. Even though augmented reality is a new technology, augmented reality companies and send users all over the world have accepted it warmly. Though this technology has not yet grown fully, technological experts from all over the world have fully invested in research and development for augmented reality. CG artists from different parts of the world have come together to provide 3D content for augmented reality environment. Simply augmented reality helps by allowing you to combine technology with whatever part of the world you are currently at, and can be useful in numerous ways. This may sound confusing, but it becomes quite apparent in how apps affect human lives daily. For instance by utilizing a phone’s camera, one can inform one of the many apps available of where they are. Once the application can tell that exact point you are at, it will be able to do a variety of other things depending on the specific functioning of the app. For example, the Wikitude travel augmented reality app will allow you to take a picture of where you are then after that, the app will recognize your location, and bring up all necessary. Wikipedia information you may need or directly relevant results that in one way or the other would be of great importance to you concerning the location you have just taken an image at.
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