Appropriate To Add Vitamin D to Protect the Airway
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Appropriate To Add Vitamin D to Protect the Airway

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The annual autumn and winter are a variety of respiratory diseases with a high incidence, such as bronchial asthma, pneumonia, influenza and bronchitis have been mobilized, and people get bored of them.

A New Zealand study found that adequate vitamin D helps to improve the human lung function and makes breathing more smoothly. Although the relationship between vitamin D and lung function have been identified, whether it can improve the symptoms of patients with chronic respiratory diseases is not clear. People can by more basking the sun, drinking beverages fortified with vitamin D, eating fatty fish and other ways increase vitamin D levels in the body.

It is reported that vitamin D in food, such as yeast and mushrooms, animal foods such as animal liver, egg yolks, butter, cheese, and other rich food sources of fatty fish and eggs. In addition, fortified foods are the main source of vitamin D. Under the guidance of a doctor, it is a good idea to use cod liver oil capsules, or drops of vitamin D.

But it is worth recalling that vitamin D is fat soluble, and easily stored in the body, more intake can occur poisoning. As the popularity of medical knowledge is not enough, some people often think that cod liver oil is nutrition or supplements, and think eating more is useful to the human body, and thus long-term take large doses. There are some parents, in order to prevent children suffering from rickets, without doctors’ consent and guidance, continuous take, with no control dose without authorization to the child, and cause vitamin D intoxication.

In addition, drink plenty of water in winter can reduce the chance of infection of the respiratory tract, because to drink plenty of water will wash the adhesion in the respiratory tract of mucus and bacteria, reducing the chance of infection; adhere to wash your face with cold water every morning and evening, can stimulate the blood circulation of your face, improve the anti-disease, tolerance to cold, flu prevention, to avoid fatigue and feet cold will reduce the incidence of respiratory tract infection.

So, appropriate to add vitamin D is useful to our health, but add too much is not necessary, even it will be harmful to our bod

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