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“Take a thought when you are speaking of water that you first recount your experiences and only afterwards your reflections”----Leonardo-da-Vinci
When we think of water we feel happy and every individual have their own thoughts and experiences in Interior Designing Services Pune. Experience of water in nature, feel, sense and touch of water is a unique feeling for everyone. Experiencing water in nature and surprises derived from its  features can be experimented . It should be felt by people with their surroundings, in which water makes an  unique, beautiful, fascinating feature in landscape. Rainwater harvesting, drinking water, sewage disposal deal with its functionality and visibility but not the aesthetic sense of view when bond with landscape architects in pune.
Water is an universal, vital and fascinating element which gives life to landscape. It is the wonderful contribution to this world which can be moulded into any shape, form ,texture and color .Movement of water is not steady but it is more flexible, beautiful, motionless and a sense of peace for mind. Water can re-shape the hardscape through its fantastic features  and can create elegant features of its own and mould to soft landscape thorough its beautiful nature. Presence of water can be felt or sensed when it is dark. light is not necessary even in moon light the sound ,sense of water gives us beautiful feeling when it  is merged with landscape .It creates different kinds of atmosphere and moods that appeal to our feelings together.
 Landscape is the design of spaces for public indoor or outdoor and to achieve environmental, socio-behavioral, and/or aesthetic outcomes. It is one kind where in the landscape is bound to exist within the building or city. The eco-friendly touch can be created and future thinking can be thought with merging of nature within the city or incorporating this in urban designing. It involves the systematic investigation of existing social, ecological, and geological conditions and processes in the landscape, and the design of interventions that will produce the desired outcome. Landscape architecture is a multi-disciplinary field, incorporating all aspects which relates to people and their surroundings like by creating parks ,pathways, which can be the major aspects of eco friendly  and sustainability in the city.
Overall landscape is not only creating designs out of trees  shrubs , whether a small babbling brook or a tumultuous cascade ,water feature add sound movement and enjoyment into the landscape. The stone boulders rock feature can link with water feature to make and give life with unique landscape composition. Creating of cascades, waterfall, fountains, streams, ponds within the landscape which gives life to landscape.
The use of landscape in urban design is a major and which in turn relate with people and their surroundings. Urban design deals with the design for people and their surroundings in fact the public spaces /public environment such as streets, plazas, parks, gardens and public infrastructure. Urban designing  is becoming the vital field of design, the kind of circulation, flow, harmony, form in which it is played with landscape providing parks, streets, public spaces for public and for their environment. It may encompass the design of particular spaces and structures and in this sense overlaps with landscape architecture. Urban design is the  arrangement of towns and cities, and in particular the shaping of spaces for public use which in turn landscape can be incorporated within the spaces for public.
Finally these features are related to public and their spaces surrounding them. Water to landscape and both to urban design.
Representing urban in artistic way with use of elegant feature of landscape and water. Aesthically presented and decoratively displayed.
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