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Are Orb Spiders a Problem

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Unfortunately, there is not a home anywhere in United States that does not have at least one spider living in it somewhere. Luckily though, spiders serve a useful purpose at least for the most part. Spiders eat billions of bugs every year that would otherwise play havoc with our daily lives. However, orb spiders can be a threat to children and the elderly. You should protect yourself and your family from them, but how do you know if your spider problem is just a nuisance or a threat? Here are a few helpful hints to take into consideration before you call your New Jersey pest control experts.

While orb spiders are considered to be generally non-aggressive, they can spin massive webs that can easily be walked into, and no matter how non-aggressive a spider may be, if you disturb its web, they are likely to attack. The good news is that a single bite from an orb spider is generally considered to be non-toxic to a healthy adult. However, a baby or an adult with a depressed immune system may experience more problems.

The average adult orb spider has a body about an inch long and a round, almost bubble-like mid-section. There are usually patterns on the back and stomach that are quite bright. It is this pattern that many people mistake for the far more deadly black widow spider. The abdomen of an orb spider is covered in hair and often colored purple or a bright orange however orb spiders can have other colored bodies as well.

Perhaps the easiest way to identify an orb spider is from the web he spins. Orb spiders are fantastic builders and will craft an intricate web often between two structures. If you have a shed or even something as simple as a birdhouse next to your home, don’t be surprised to see an orb spider setting up residence. The web itself can be massive, stretching out over 6 feet in diameter. They usually build vertical webs but they can also build ones along the ground in gardens or among flowers since these are areas frequented by insects.

If you feel that you’ve found an orb spider next to your home, try to leave it be. However, if you find one in your home and have someone who is at high risk from a possible bite or if you are finding these kinds of spiders all over you home, call a pest control professional to take care of the situation. While these are low-risk spiders, as is the case with most pests, it is better to be safe than sorry. Do not hesitate to call Ross Environmental Solutions, your New Jersey pest control experts today.

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