Are you doing enough to help your executives grow
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Are you doing enough to help your executives grow

Published by: Martha Forlines (1)
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Not all companies are doing enough to help their executives to grow and develop their skills. While every top executive agrees that the skill sets he achieved, are a result of a series of directly and implicit coaching sessions by their seniors, not everyone can boast of doing the same to their juniors. We’re all so busy with your daily schedules and targets that we often forget the fact we’re dealing with human beings and not robots. If you are one of those, don’t worry because you’re never too late to improve yourself, thanks to the several leadership consulting firms in Atlanta.

In a company where employees aren’t motivated enough to achieve success in what they do, often end being jealous of achievers. Thus, everyone’s belittling each other and engaging in one-upmanship. The company may even end up losing bright talents. Besides, people are so engrossed in hate politics, that innovation and creativity take a back seat. And so is cooperation.

Executive coaches help employees at the executive level by providing individual assessment and feedback in real time. Once feedback is provided, a goal is set for the executive to follow. At the end of a successful executive coaching session, the employee has understood his responsibilities in a clear and unambiguous manner, has learnt how to assert himself without disturbing his relationship with his peer group and also gain leadership skills. A combination of these skills will surely help him gain a better role in the company. Successful leadership skills also help people identify their positive and negative attributes. This not only helps the employee, but also his manager, because the next time a task is to be assigned, the manager knows, who is the best person for the job.

These programs are not only made available for employees in the bottom and middle rung, but also for employees in the top management. Top executives, especially are in need for these coaching sessions, because once they’ve reached a certain position, seniors no longer mentor them; they merely form an opinion on them. Feedback doesn’t come from subordinates as well, for fear of retribution. These are often based on how you conduct yourself in a formal setting and also on feedback received from your subordinates.

Thus these top executives often end up confused on several issues including leadership skills, management skills etc. There are several companies that specialize in executive coaching in Atlanta. Make sure that the firm that you choose helps to not only mentor lower and middle rung executives, but also executives in the top level.

Martha Forlines - About the Author:

Finding a competent leadership consulting firm is very important before you embark on a program to enhance employee satisfaction. Martha Forlines is a leadership coach in one of the leadership consulting firms. The firm also specializes in executive coaching in Atlanta.

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