Are you planning to apply for US Visa - Be Cautious Now While Doing the Application
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Are you planning to apply for US Visa - Be Cautious Now While Doing the Application

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There have been various conjectures about several changes of rule applied to various US visa applications. U.S citizenship and Immigration Services have been seen tightening the US visa rules pertaining to the popular H1B visas and green cards. New regulations are being incorporated to check the applications with inappropriate or fraudulent information. Speculations in the market are so that its seems a new even more stringent policy is in the making to dismiss or reject a visa application that are found to be flawed. Missing document is also another point that can lead to a visa rejection. According to USCIS the policy is particularly intended for candidates susceptible to frivolity and mistakes. It is expected that if this rule is becoming operative most people will be extremely careful while filing their petitions and US visa applications, forms and collating important documents and take extra caution not to end up with a slip-up or miss any crucial documents. This rule may not be applicable for genuine applicants with very minor gaffes. As of now for missing information and documents USCIS have been issuing RFE [Request for Evidence] to candidates seeking more information which were missing in their originally filed applications. There is a horde of applicants along with their dependents awaiting a decision on their green cards and work visas who may be impacted by the implementation of this new rule to some extent. This may in all probability make the process prolonged, shoot up the visa expenses allied to the visa formalities and may severely impact people whose visa is on the verge of expiry.
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