B2B Integration facilitating seamless integration
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B2B Integration facilitating seamless integration

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Business to Business Integration (B2Bi) is the important need for today’s effective enterprise business growth. While technologies around RosettaNet, EDI, HL7, HIPA or ebXML surely carried new value to enterprise data and application integration, its inflexible and hard-wired structure makes it still tough to reconfigure, reprocess and maintain. In addition, cooperating trading partners often use dissimilar various b2b integration standards thus either acceptance of a standard used by a stronger“ partner or maintaining more than one B2B standards within one B2B integration is needed.
Main competencies of b2b integration solution should contain:

Messaging - streamlines message communication between companies and their trading partners and supervisory authorities by managing messaging requests through the GLN
Business Document Interchange Services irrespective of the communications protocol and/or platform.
Workflow Management - established and describes a whole workflow for managing messages. This makes it easy for an enterprise to control a single, centralized platform to create specialized, custom-built messaging workflows to multiple companies and partners, including splitting, grouping and routing based on appropriate information and recipient. Also allow business users to see which tasks are waiting for them, their priorities and their due dates. Managers can see the Task Managers of their assistants and they have the capability to reallocate tasks if required.

Document Management - B2B Integration Services range the feature-rich set of data and document capabilities to an enterprise, including customs and expurgate validation and document generation.

Data Integration and Data Transformation Services - Distinguishing that alliance with partners to use dissimilar technologies, resolves the technical difficulty of integration and data transformation by supporting all protocols for secure data transfer, including HTTP, FTP, SFTP, GXS, X.400, MFT Email (PoP3, SMTP, etc.) and more. Data can be effortlessly transformed to a well-matched format to meet each trading partner’s need and checked for conformance to confirm data quality.

Trading Partner Management - Allows business users or developers to effortlessly organize parameters for robotic receiving and sending of messages to partners and customers. This permits B2Bi clients to go live with new partners and transactions quicker and with less effort than ever before.

Monitoring and Tracking: Critical element of a B2B integration solution is a capability to have real-time visibility of all activities and capability to be instantly notified if there are any problems so those exceptions can be handled before the trading partner even realizes something is amiss.

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