B2B Integration Motivation for XML based e business information systems
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B2B Integration Motivation for XML based e business information systems

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Business integration is the formation of tighter management among distinct business events directed by dissimilar persons, work groups, or enterprises, so that a integrated business process is designed. B2B integration can be just inner integration within one organization or it might be exterior business-to-business integration that takes place across the enterprise. Overall, the B2B integration comes from various sources. The main price savings result from reduced data entry, personnel and communication costs, and the other benefits come from a quicker trading cycle, enhanced cash flow, security and error reduction and enhanced business trading affairs.

There are various degrees of B2B integration difficulty, reaching from partially to fully programmed collaboration between the contributing information systems. In the most difficult case, the process is completely automated. For example in the case of automatic inventory renewal, systems can robotically directive products from partners, based on current stock levels going below the reorder point. This requires earlier contracts and in B2B integration.

B2B integration can be also manual from one partner’s point of view, as small and medium-sized companies might not even have an information system. B2B Integration software can integrate to its partner so that there is a human performing all the steps of getting a business document, building a decision based on it and then establishing and directing the responding business document to the partner. If the manual sending occurs using the same EDI or XML standard business documents that could be spontaneously produced, then it is still reflected B2B integration as the interface between the partners is the normal business document that goes to the information system as with other partners. Manual b2b integration work does not scale to lots of business documents, but more automated solutions are needed.

b2b integration EDI has benefits over physical business interactions, such as decreasing paper consumption, eliminating data entry errors, and moving up the transfer of business information. However, EDI does not guide any document structures or time to answer with returning interaction, and thus XML-based standards offering this are said to carry even more quickness to business processes.

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