Barker Shoes The Traditional Choice
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Barker Shoes The Traditional Choice

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In the world of shoes, few names are held in higher esteem than that of Barker. The company was founded way back in 1880, when their now famous shoes were manufactured in an idyllic Northamptonshire cottage setting. Since then, they’ve come a long way and are now and internationally recognised brand, whose name is synonymous with quality , style and sophistication.

The Modern Touch

Back in 1880, when Mr. Barker started out on his shoemaking venture, all of the shoes were lovingly crafted by hand, with every  attention paid to detail. This is an ethos which remains with the company to this very day. However, Barker Shoes have also embraced the modern technology which is available to shoemakers, allowing them to have the best of both worlds and create some really unique leather shoes.

Made To Last

When buying Barker shoes, the customer can rest assured that they are making a valued investment in their footwear -- why else would the army have purchased their shoes from Barker back in  the First World War? Not only will customers be in receipt of a beautifully crafted pair of leather shoes, which will compliment any outfit and give a great first impression, but they can also rest assured that their brand spanking new pair of shoes will stand the test of time. The great thing about leather is, it gets better with age.

Barker’s Speciality

The Barker company are well known for their Goodyear welted shoes, which are thought to be the best of their kind on the market. Barker’s skilled craftsmen produce these shoes lovingly and with great skill. Barker only employ the best and, as such, they make the best shoes out there.

The Goodyear welted shoes sell in excess of 200,000 pairs each year and are great for protecting against extremes in temperature, so they really can be worn anywhere. Whereas most shoes have the heels stitched to the main body, the Barker company cement them, which ensures they outlive most other shoes on the market and which ensures the brand goes from strength to strength, year after year.

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