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Be Cool To Pass Your Words By Greeting SMS

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There were days when friends used to get together at their longing point and discuss their day, had lot of fun and enjoyment. The days are passé when over a cup of coffee and some light snacks, housewives used to talk about their day to day work and life among themselves. 

Now a new trend of sms has started. One may find people of all age groups banging keys of their mobile and exchanging messages at lightening speed. The trend has brought the whole world closer to each other. It has become very easier for people to share their ideas, thoughts and thinking with each other with people who are staying far away from them. These days exchanging jokes have become a very common phenomenon and what best way to do that except sms. 

As the easiest and fastest mode of communication, SMS sent through mobile phones has been accepted all over the world. The world, it seems have become a close knit family. It is a common sight watching people whether they are riding in bus or train or watching TV or doing anything for that matter, striking keys to send sms. Now the new wave that hit the shores of communication sector is sending a variety of sms’s and using mobile phones to express one’s feelings and thoughts. This is done by sending cool sms, best wishes sms, bewafa sms, hurt sms, shayri sms, etc. 

Cool sms or jokes are sent to each other and good laughs are experienced. These day’s funny short texts messages are making rounds that make one laugh to bits and sometimes rolling on the ground with tears in eyes. One can send them to their near and dear ones and make the entire day enjoyable. 
Best wishes SMS in English as well as Hindi language also make rounds during festivals any great occasion. The entire world sends their heartfelt good wishes to each other during this time and stay in touch with other. Best wishes sms are also sent to lovers to let them know that you care for them. One can help to rekindle each other’s feelings by smsing each other.  

Bewafa sms are also popular these days which are generally sent by jilted lovers. A wide variety of such sms are making rounds. An example of bewafa sms is-

“Assa Nahi k skahs acha nahi hey woh Jesa mery kheyal mein tha wasea nahi hey woh Takhleeq asman pey mery leya howa Mana k iss zameen per mera nahi hey who“

If one is feeling hurt regarding some issue from their friends, relatives, family, spouse or any other person, they sometimes give way to their hurt feelings by texting hurt sms to each other. These sms’s help people to say they are sorry which is otherwise difficult. Every individual goes through some painful times in their life and they are unable to share their feelings with people whom they love and care. Sms’s have made it easier to say sorry. Similarly people with poetic bent of mind can send shayari sms to their friends. 

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Why you love shayri sms and best wishes sms for sweethearts. Wonderful bewafa sms and hurt sms give you lovely feelings to your sweetheart.

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