Be Eco Friendly Using Shaggy Rugs
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Be Eco Friendly Using Shaggy Rugs

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These days “Go Green” is the mantra and when it comes to home décor, most interior designers are following this mantra. Shaggy rugs thus are becoming ever so popular with many home makers preferring them over costly counterparts. It was during the mid 60s and the early 70s when such rugs were in great demand. And today the rug has made a comeback, because of its versatility, comfort and warmth. The yarn and twist of such rugs are woven differently and with eco friendly material in mind, which makes the rugs look grassy in texture. With such designs and careful weaves embedded within the rugs, no wonder home makers even today prefer using shaggy rugs over the standard ones.

There is a particular attraction attached to shaggy rugs, and hence people favor them over the standard ones. The attention is one of a kind when placed on such rugs. Those who create carpets don’t mix and match a lot and the designs they come out with are very predictable to deal with. Most of the home stores across the nation would surely have a wide range of shaggy rugs for you to choose from. And thanks to the online websites we have today; home decoration can be bought with a simple click of the mouse button. Plus you are pampered and spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing rugs for your home décor needs.

There are 3 dominant designs to choose shaggy rugs from, long, mid and mini shaggy rugs. During the early 60s and the mid 70s, homemakers preferred using prolonged shaggy rugs. Nowadays you even have quick shaggy rugs, which are customized to suit your needs as well, turn around time to manufacture one would be half the time taken to make a full one, say experts.

The latest amongst such rugs in the market would be the mini shaggy rugs. It comes in a wide range of designs and colors for you to choose from, colors which would soothe your eyes and ensure that you pick one or more. So be it your kids room, the dining or maybe the living room area space you want to give a fresh new look this spring, go ahead and get shaggy rugs to do the magic for you.

The best thing about shaggy rugs is that you can place them just about anywhere at home. Wherever they are placed, the area gets a new lease of life of its own. Just because they are shags and look super nice to blend around with every décor at home, they are very popular with home makers these days.

There was but a time when no one wanted to use these rugs. But as time passed by, people have started realizing the benefits of using such rugs and since it blends with any mise-en-scene around, why not have them to alleviate the ambiance. If you have an eye for shades and blends, you wouldn’t make a mistake of choosing a rug that wouldn’t match your interiors, and if you need help choosing rugs that would suit your home, ask the experts.

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