Be Prepared this summer Holiday Checklist
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Be Prepared this summer Holiday Checklist

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Preparation is essential for many aspects of life, and a holiday is no different - whether you’re travelling to India or Australia there are certain things that you should consider. This article will provide some useful points that should be considered before going on vacation.
1) Travel insurance – This is a must have with any holiday; it often pays to buy good quality insurance. Almost one-third of travel insurance claims are made for cancellations, so taking out insurance when you book your holiday will ensure that you are covered. Also remember to check what exactly your insurance will cover you for.
2) Valuables – It is advisable to leave what valuables you can behind, obviously some items will have to come, such as a camera, but try to make sure that the ones you do take are covered by your insurance.
3) If you’re travelling within the EU, get an E111 form from the Post Office, complete it and get it stamped. This will provide you with free or reduced-cost emergency medical care.
4) Depending on where you’re travelling you may need vaccines; these generally have to be done six weeks before you travel.
5) Make sure that you pack any medication in your hand luggage.
6) When exchanging money make sure that you have enough to cover emergencies.
7) Try to take a mixture of cash, traveller’s cheques, and credit or debit cards.
8) When possible avoid carrying all of the above on you at once, as it can be a recipe for disaster.
9) Make sure you take a passport.
10) Ensure that your passport will be valid for the whole trip; some countries will require your passport to be valid for at least another six months.
11) It can often prove useful to take photocopies of your passport, visa or any other documents. Also write down any relevant information such as passports and dates they were issued.
12) When packing your bags, an effective technique is to use a list; this ensures that you don’t forget anything. It is also a good idea to start doing this quite early so you can add things as they come to you.
13) Choose suitable bags for your vacation; don’t take a suitcase if you’re going to be trekking around Slovenia or something.
14) Make sure you keep your valuables in your hand luggage; it’s too easy to lose things otherwise.
15) Remember fluids must be accounted for; a doctors note will do. Also seal anything that may leak in plastic bags.
16) Often goods can be bought cheaper abroad, so plan accordingly.
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