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Be Ready to Support Your Nation in London Olympic 2012

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The Olympics, or rather the Games of Olympiad to steer off the disambiguation, are an event of multitudinous sports occurring at an interval of every four years in several countries all over the world. The Summer Olympics, the modern game, was founded in 1894, with the motive to advocate ecumenical sports event.
The first ever Olympics game was held in Athens, Greece, which was a huge success in 1890. It did not gain much popularity. The olympic games has seen highs and lows. Certain years, the popularity has reached its peaks, and other times, it just felt off.
In the Game of Olympiads, medals are awarded in the form of rewards. The highest recognition in these games is a gold medal, followed by a silver medal, followed by a bronze one.
A number of nations have held the Olympic Games. The nation to have hosted it the maximum number of times is the United States of America. However, after the olympic games 2012 london, which means the games being held at London, the capital of the United Kingdom, London will be the first city to have held the Summer Olympic Games for three times.
It is organized by the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations. The committee takes care of the Olympic Games Schedule, olympic game tickets, Olympic opening and closing ceremony etc. It is hence also responsible for organizing all these events.
The list of sports events which event at the summer Olympic Games can be tabulated below:
•    Archery
•    Athletics
•    Badminton
•    Baseball
•    Masque Pelotas
•    Boxing
•    Canoeing and Kayaking
•    Cricket
•    Croquet
•    Cycling
•    Diving
•    Equestrian
•    Fencing
•    Football
•    Golf
•    Gymnastic
•    Handball
•    Hockey (Field)
•    Jeu de paume
•    Judo
•    Lacrosse
•    Modern penthalon
•    Polo
•    Racquets
•    Roque
•    Rowing
•    Rugby Union
•    Rugby sevens
•    Sailing
•    Shooting
•    Softball
•    Swimming
•    Synchronized Swimming
•    Table Tennis
•    Taekwondo
•    Tennis
•    Triathlon
•    Tug of War
•    Volleyball
•    Water Motor sports
•    Water polo
•    Weightlifting
•    Wrestling

The olympic games schedule for the year 2012 remains 27th July – 12th August, held in London, United Kingdom.

Owing to the huge success and popularity and favoritism of the Summer Olympic Games, winter Olympic Games was founded. It was first celebrated in 1924 in a place called Chamonix in France. Even this, is held once in four years.
•    Alpine Skiing
•    Biathlon
•    Bobsleigh
•    Cross country skiing
•    Curling
•    Figure Skating
•    Freestyle skiing
•    Ice Hockey
•    Luge
•    Nordic combined
•    Short track speed skating
•    Skeleton
•    Ski jumping
•    Snow boarding
•    Speed skating is the lists of events take place in the winter Olympic Games every four years.
The opening ceremony of the first ever Olympic games was held at Panathenaic Stadium.
The Olympic opening and closing ceremony is a spectacular, magnificent vent which welcomes all the players and nations. Celebrities perform and it is a hung-ho affair. It is a glorious, grandiose, glittering and gorgeous event. Anyone who has witnessed the Olympic opening and closing ceremony would agree that it is one of the most magnanimous events to have happened.

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