Become A Maplestory Wind Archer You Need Know This
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Become A Maplestory Wind Archer You Need Know This

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To become an Archer  you must visit Emilia in Rockslinwood. For the quest you must slay 10 Dumpling Pigs, give 10 Furry Monkey tails and five Monkey Horns to Emilia.

Level 30-35:
The monster carnival is a good place to start. It gives you easy exp. As with other low level classes, it might be a little tough to get a party.For soloing: Horny Mushrooms and Zombie Mushrooms are a good target at this point. You can get quests to both Horny Mushrooms and Zombie Mushrooms, and fight them for hours in the Ant Tunnel Mini Dungeon.

Level 35-40:
Again, Monster Carnival is a great place to be. It should be a little easier to get a party.The alternative to the Monster Carnival is the Ludibrium Party Quest. (Which is located atop the Eos Tower.) It’s a little hard to get into at this level, let alone do, so do your best to level up in the Monster Carnival before attempting this.Star and Lunar Pixie are a fairly good spot to train if you are in Orbis. If you are still in Victoria, Evil and Curse eye are a good way to earn some quick exp.

Level 40-45:
Now you can get into both the Monster Carnival, and the Ludibrium PQ much easier at these levels. They also give a lot of exp. The Ludibrium PQ actually gives more overall exp than the A rank reward at the Monster Carnival even after the exp decrease, but the Ludibrium PQ is somewhat more difficult to do.

Level 45-50:
At this point, the Monster Carnival tends to get a little slower. So some alternatives are in order.The Ludibrium Party Quest is still a good alternative.

Level 50-60:
Now that you’ve made it to Level 50+, you could start the Ludibrium Maze PQ. It is a great way to earn some exp. (It’s also a great way to get some great prizes.)Cellion, Lioner, and Grupin. With your Storm Breath ability, you can kill them with some ease.

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