Belly button rings are naughty as well as sexy
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Belly button rings are naughty as well as sexy

Published by: Jemes Smith (27)
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The use of the first belly button ring off-screen and in front of live audience was done in 1994, when super model Christy Turlington walked the ramp in a London fashion show flashing the little sparkling jewelry on her navel.

The trend was carried further by Naomi Campbell, another world famous super model. However, the history of body jewelry goes back to as early as 2000 years back. Body piercing was a ritual that was followed in many ancient cultures, and with great pride. Some countries like Egypt allowed only the royal families to wear body piercing jewelry, as it was counted among the privileges which only the elite class could avail. Belly button ring or navel ring is one of the most integral parts of body piercing, and people all over the world have now taken it as one of the most haute fashion statements. The small sparkling butterfly or flower playing peek-a-boo from underneath the top is one of the sexiest things that the world has experienced in the recent years.

The use of belly button rings on screen was done by Hollywood movie producers, as belly dancers were not allowed to show their navel. What is the charm of belly dancing if the midriff is hidden? So, the Hollywood geniuses decided to cover the navel with the small sparkling piece of jewelry which would be attractive and yet adhere by the rules. And now, there are n-number of celebrities who are sporting not just belly piercings but also piercings on almost all body parts. Madonna has the Madonna piercing after her name, and from Janet Jackson to Christina Augilera, from Lindsay Lohan to Pink, each of them has some piercing, and navel piercing is one of the most popular of them.

Navel piercing takes more time to heal than any other usual piercing. The other piercings take some 4-6 weeks to heal, whereas belly button piercing heals in about 8weeks. This area is very sensitive, and proper care must be taken to clean the pierced part with antimicrobial soap only. Also, the jewelry item should be well sterilized before using it. a very important thing about wearing belly button ring is that you need to wear the ring only after the wound has properly healed and dried. If you try to take out the original ring and wear a different piece of jewelry before the healing is complete, the part that is already healed will get all the more fresh and the whole process will take some double time to complete.

Belly button rings come in different shapes, sizes and colors as well as materials. You can get a hoard of such items in Body Jewelry Ring, and such other places. The most famous of them are dragon, dragonfly, butterfly, starfish, rose, star etc. Usually navel rings have colorful stones in them so that they twinkle when the light falls on them. The beauty of the navel ring is in the naughty sparkle that it gives with an innocent look that makes the lady all the more appealing.

The popularity of body piercing jewelry is always on the rise among the young generation.

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