Benefit from the Experience of a Lifetime
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Benefit from the Experience of a Lifetime

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My brother-in-law is an American. He wanted to be a sailor since he was a child. He longed for the outside world, and he would like to travel the world before returning to school. Although his father was a doctor and family economic circumstances was good, his parents did not give him money. He also did not ask from his parents.

Graduated from high school, he went to Alaska logging to save money, because Alaska has a long summer of sunshine, the sun was down to midnight, and rose up at three in the morning. If he worked 16 hours a day, then his wages of wood cutting each season would let him travel around the world three quarters. After two years he traveled the world before returning to university to study. Because he was under careful consideration before deciding on his study of the department, he completed four-year credits within three years, and then went out of employment. He worked very well, and we could say a meteoric rise, until he has been done the Chief Engineer. Once, he told me a story that affected his life.

When he was working in Alaska, he heard the wolf howl in the mountains with a friend, they are very nervous and searched around, finally found a female wolf foot was arrested by animal control grip, and was howling, he saw the strange animal traps and knew it was from a veteran worker. He was an amateur trapper, and sold fur to support his family, but this old man had a heart attack by helicopter to Anchorage hospital to receive first aid. Then the female wolf would starve to death because of no processing. He wanted to release the female wolf, but it was ferocious, he could not close. He also found that drops of milk in the female wolf, which proved that there were coyotes in the wolf hole. So he and companions went to great lengths to find wolf hole, and held four coyotes to wolf at the nurse, so as not to starve to death. Besides, he gave his own food to the female wolf in order to maintain its life. He also camped near the wolf at night to protect the wolf family, because the wolf had been caught, unable to defend themselves.

Until the fifth day, he went to feed, he found female wolf’s tail a little shake, and he knew he had begun to gain the trust of the wolf. Another three days, the female wolf let him close enough to release the beast clip. Then the wolf received freedom and licked his hands, even let my brother medicine to its feet, then it went away with coyotes, turned back to look at him all the way.

He told me that he has been very grateful to the experience of Alaska, because it makes his life ever meaningful.

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