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Best Advice for Teeth Whitening

Published by: RajeshKumar (55)
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We all dream to have beautiful white teeth. How? What are the to do’s and not to do’s? Here is the advice of the specialist,

Our teeth are more or less naturally white...

First you must know that the only teeth that are really white or rather very clear are the teeth of milk. They do not have time to age as they fall fairly quickly. Moreover, the structure of enamel and dentin differs between permanent teeth and milk teeth. This initial difference will grow with age and the permanent teeth wear the enamel layer, it becomes progressively thinner and more transparent allowing more shows ivory underlying itself tends to darken with temps. However, in case of stains on the tooth or teeth, colored techniques can be used for clarification. But beware, only in adults, these techniques are never used in youth.

Teeth white and sparkling teeth

That said, it should make a distinction between white and bright teeth. Indeed, most people use the concept of tooth whitening but actually want to have more vivid teeth, that is to say much brighter. This is called here a question of dental hygiene and brushing methods and materials. Except in the case of surface defects, teeth brushed well with healthy gums give a brighter aspect to the teeth. The enamel is a beautiful material that, if well cared, cleaned and maintained, is very bright naturally. Meanwhile, there are toothpastes that contain agents more or less “white“ based on active oxygen and can increase the brightness of teeth. Other toothpastes color the gum, thus amplifying the contrast between the gum and the enamel, which releases the more white teeth (eg enamel diamond). Some toothpaste are more effective than others because of their formulas to remove surface stains, such as those experienced by people who drink lots of coffee or tea. Bicarbonate toothpastes that focus more on the side whitening for example, can help people with more susceptible stains than others. What we need most is to be careful not to use toothpastes that are too abrasive or too aggressive for the enamel. Here too, you can go to a dental clinic to have a good advice.

Dental hygiene: the source of the brightness

But, to have more vibrant teeth, it is imperative to start with a lesson in hygiene dental knowledge to properly use the brush and really remove dental plaque correctly. Obviously, if it needs scaling, it should be done by asking your dentist to perform scaling. But we must not forget that calculus is mainly a source of ignition for the gum and it mainly affects the lower teeth that are less visible in the smile. In conclusion, it is really a healthy tooth (associated with a regular scaling) that promotes the well next brighter teeth. Gold teeth are much brighter and often seem clearer.

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