Best Indian Foods in Winters
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Best Indian Foods in Winters

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Best Indian Foods in Winters By Queens Kitchen bracknell foods, indian food bracknell, indian food takeaway bracknell, indian food uk, Indian restaurant in Bracknell, indian restaurant near me, queens kitchen, restaurant in bracknell, takeaway food, takeaway food bracknell Leave a comment Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons. It brings lots of happiness, joy and celebration. And every celebration is incomplete without good food. When it comes to winter foods then Indian cuisines have a huge range of healthy and taste winter special varieties. These foods are not only loved by Indians but are also admired all around the world. And these Indian foods are also very popular in Bracknell, UK for its rich and delicious taste. Hence it made a special position in the list of Bracknell Foods. There are many family restaurants in Bracknell which are especially popular for authentic Indian food in Bracknell. Some Indian restaurant in Bracknell also provides Indian food takeaway Bracknell facilities. So now let us throw some light on the most popular and well-known winter special Indian foods: Sarson Ka Saag Sarson Ka Saag is a popular Punjabi dish. It is a legendary winter-special dish which is prepared with green sarson leaves. It is generally served with Makki ki Roti which tastes best with homemade butter. Chole Bhature Chole Bhature is another well-liked Punjabi cuisine. It is a combination of spicy chole (grams) and big bhaturas. It tastes best when chole laced with delicious spicy gravy is served with picked onions, green chilies and a splash of chutney. Gajar Ka Halwa Gajar Ka Halwa is a well-accepted and admired sweet dish of India. It is the best dessert for chilly weather, hence, it is considered as the signature sweet of the season. Malai Makhan Malai Makhan is a seasonal treat, generally available between October and March months. It is carefully made by churning milk and cream until it changes into a frothy. This dreamy dessert is enriched with khoya, saffron, dried fruits and more. The chief ingredient in this recipe is winter morning dew. The dish is also known as Nimish and Daulat ki Chaat. Jalebi Jalebi is the most popular mouthwatering sweet in India. It is loved and admired all over India. It tastes best when served hot during the winter season. Bajra Khichdi ( Rajasthani) Bajra Khichdi is a popular Rajasthani homely food containing various health benefits. It has a creamy consistency and mild flavor. It tastes best when served with a cup of curds or raita. To make it more delicious, some spices and chopped veggies can also be added in it along with the bajra and moong dal. Ragi Roti Ragi Roti is a tasty & healthy combo. It is rich in calcium and protein. It is normally served with curds, green chilies and grated carrot and spring onions. Oondhiya Oondhiya also known as Undhiyu is a traditional and classic Gujarati cuisine. It is prepared with vegetables and fenugreek dumplings which are cooked in an aromatic combination of spices. Til Chikki Til Chikki is considered as a nutritious treat, it is a mouthwatering dessert made with sesame seeds and jaggery. It contains a good amount of iron which helps to maintain hemoglobin levels. Queen’s Kitchen is a popular family restaurants in Bracknell which serves a huge range of Indian food in Bracknell UK and also offer takeaway food Bracknell service. If you want to enjoy winter special Indian cuisines or Indian food takeaway Bracknell and thinking about an Indian restaurant near me, then contact us right away – best Indian restaurant in Bracknell.
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