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Best software selling Company in Canada for the Whole World

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Microsoft Office 2010:

 Microsoft Office 2010 also called Office 14 and is a productivity suite for Microsoft Windows, and the successor to Microsoft Office 2007, with the final release of the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta, the general latest version of Office 2010 that’s free for members of the public to download. But most Web 2.0 companies are engaging choices to Microsoft’s popular productivity suite.

Microsoft Office is nearly omnipresent in office settings now days, making its interface the existent standard for how office suites operate. Office 2010 keeps with the ribbon interface, with only little modifications and it has also enforced several important interface improvements, like adding the File menu back into the tool bar, which makes it easier to find the controls to open and save documents as user-friendly. The modern interface lends additional polish to the suite.

The free version of the Office 14 software will allow users like students, and corporate customers to access these applications from a computer to access the programs and files from anywhere using a Web browser with an Internet connection.


I have now been using office 2010 for a while long and it does appear notably faster than Office 2007 and certainty incredibly stable.  The speed increase could easily be assigned to the fact that a 64-bit version of the application is now available to run on modern 64-bit computers. If you are speculative when Microsoft will make the suite compatible with the Web, it has indeed moved to the cloud in the latest release with free, stripped-down Web browser versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote.


Microsoft will offer the 2010 coevals  of Office technology both as software and as a cloud-based hosting service and also offers a simpler ribbon interface than Office 2007, along with harder integration among its various applications.


Office 2010 System Requirements:


If Office 2007 ran on your computer, you will have no problems with Office 2010, because there were early rumors that Office 2010 would be only available for 64-bit systems. But Office 2010 runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems with WinXP SP2, SP3 or later.


To run Office Professional Plus 2010, you will need the following Configuration:

Computer and processor:
500MHz processor
RAM: 256MB
Hard Drive: 3GB
Display: 1,024 x 768 resolution
other: Microsoft DirectX 9.0c, Microsoft Active Sync 4.1, and Microsoft Windows Desktop Search 3.0

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