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Best washing machine in india

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Hello everyone here’s another washing machine video for you I knew I wouldn’t be able to get away with going on holiday without showing this now this particular washer is on my own I wouldn’t own one for gold clock but it’s it belongs to somebody this is a whole point aquarius wdl 520 Horta Matic washing machine now I’ve had a look for the instruction book and I can’t find it there go instructions for the dishwasher and other things but not this Atlee this is a few years old so I’m going to take you through the programs try and figure out what they all do so if I make a mistake you’ll have to forgive me but I’ll have to guess and then I’m going to do a little bit of a wash you know but I’m not showing you the full load I will start the wash and show you a bit of it but let’s start by having a look at the detergent drawer okie dokie so this is the detergent Roy opens a little bit differently to a lot of drawers I seem to remember Ariston I think Aston started a trend I think this is related to our son now but I remember seeing in the late 80s possibly early nineties an Ariston washing machine that had a soap dispenser drawer that opened in this fashion so looking at the top we seem to have that must be for the fabric softener I expect that comes out yet that comes out for cleaning it’s not too bad it’s fairly clean this yeah little hole there that can sometimes get clogged up in any washer so this school can be cleaned of course so that’s the a fabric softener I’ll be doing a wash using no fabric softener so we haven’t got any here in this holiday home and I can’t get that back in now let me just skip awkward let’s say once I’ve got there I can’t get it back in again there we go that’s it is it nearly oh yeah alright the big section it’s not really marked so I’m not sure I assume that’s the pre-wash and that’s four main wash can’t see where it’s marked on it and without the instruction book I’m not going to be able to tell but because I’m using one of these I found one of these in the the top of the thing it’s a fairy what Yuma call it where is it don’t use them myself oh it’s a non bio fairy non bio pod so I’m going to throw that inside drum I believe that goes in the draw so that is the soap dispenser drawer so here are the programs just off camera shot I don’t think you can see it now it says wash and dry five kilograms so I believe you can wash and dry five kilogram load it will take a seven kilogram load but if you want to wash and go straight to tumble dry it will do up to a 5 kilogram load so we’ve got some programs essentials specials and drying so on essentials we have Cotton’s 90 60 and 40 degree we have cotton 60 we have coloreds 40 synthetics 50 it’s nice to see a 50 degree program because my wash machines don’t have a 50 program I think Miele do but I miss having a 50 program sometimes I’d like to use a 50 where 60 would be too much and 40 not hot enough so it’s good that it’s got since synthetics 50 it’s got a fast wash 60 I’ve seen that value something 60-minute fast wash they’re not very fast and it’s got rinse fast under the specials we have a baby cycle if you want to wash your baby I haven’t got a baby to try but I assume it will take up to a seven kilogram baby throw the baby in possibly with a snorkel and obviously non bio detergent so the baby will come fresh seven is for your shirts eight ready-to-wear I think that must be a sixty program I’m not sure of course without the instructions I don’t know anyone watching who wants to comment what that Bob Evans for an hour thinking ready-to-wear must mean it will do a wash right through to tumble dry I’m not sure anyway nine is for your woolens at 40 degrees 10 is for your silks at 30 degrees and then we’ve got B for fast spin and then you’ve got drying programs 11 for drying Cotton’s 12 for drying synthetics and 13 for drying wool and it finally C pump out is the control panel so got a traditional dry or here with all the programs 1 to 13 and a B and C that’s easy enough so I won’t need any instructions to work out I need to select if I wanted to do a coloreds 40 which is what I’m going to do I’ll be selecting program 3 you’ve got your on/off button here which turns on all the lights this is super wash again I don’t know what that does because I haven’t got the instructions extra wings I might use that obviously self-explanatory must give an extra rinse mini load I’m assuming that’s of a smaller load I think I’ll leave it on a regular load and that obviously that doesn’t stay on for some reason then if it’s faulty slow spin and then here we have got your temperatures so that must be for cold 30 degree 40 degrees 50 60 70 80 and 90 so I don’t know if I’m supposed to select I’m going to be doing a coloreds 40 so I wonder if I’m supposed to select 40 or will it default at 40 again somebody will have to tell me I think it looked probably like to do it a lower temperature but possibly if I try and select a 60 it won’t actually heat 260 of lonely heat to the temperature that the program allows possibly I don’t know but I will leave on 40 because that’s the temperature over using on setting free this is your timer setting obviously here seems to be not tumble dying on opt Humble drying this load that looks like it’s the cupboard dry although that one could be covered try as well it’s got a coat I miss aren’t really sure that one’s obviously for ironing dry and then you’ve got sex timers 40 60 100 and 118 minutes just spat the end of the control panel we’ve got these lights they all lit up at the moment but from the end and the little lock light so I’m assuming as the program is running it will start on that light on wash when it’s rinsing that will illuminate when it’s spinning that will illuminate and of course when it’s tumble drying that will illuminate and then at the end that will probably lose weight fine followed by the when the door is unlocked possibly and then you’ve got a start button just there okay let’s have a look at the drum and then I’ll load some clothes in before I open the door to select apologize if you can hear a noise in the background I’m in the utility room that doesn’t have an opening window so every time you go in here would turn the light on an extractor fan comes on and I can’t turn it off here’s the door anyway it’s double glazed it’s got a plastic sheet here so you don’t you can’t touch the glass if it becomes hot which it will do on hot programs and wind tunnel drying I expect it doesn’t quite open 180 degrees as you can see it does go flush with the front of the washer when you open it but it opens wide enough should be plenty of Reuben there looks very clean considering it’s in a rental property it’s not to gunked-up and we’ve got one two three paddles three plastic pedals with columns in so I’m assuming it will scoop the water up and shower it down which what many Watchers do probably most it’s also got holes in the back of the drum and of course lots and lots of holes all around the drum and doesn’t say where it’s made I’m assuming this one is actually made in Italy I think Hotpoint stopped making machines in the UK in fact I think it was Wales just like whoever made their machines in Wales and I think it was clue it the hopwood made their machines but so Maloney I believe the company had took them over who owned Indesit and other brands and our astonishing I think these are now made in Italy but if anyone wants to add any information underneath feel free because as I say I don’t know much about this one because I don’t have the instructions to hand and it’s not mine now most of the washing I’m going to be putting in isn’t mine and I’ve been told I’ve been under strict orders not to show certain person’s a dirty washing on YouTube so turn away these are my socks in my socks if you want to see socks we got some pyjama bottoms just tell them the right way out there we go loosely put them in the drum got some jeans they’ve already been turned inside out if you don’t like to turn jingles inside out I also normally do up the zips and the buttons on jeans check the pockets of course how any money no shame they’re not my jeans I can go some dirty Underpants they’re not behind more dirty Underpants not mine either some socks they’re not mine a t-shirt more socks some pants oops more pants these are my socks look if any of you like looking at the dirty socks there’s some dirty socks for you bein a go I liked all tonight sort of large and small things in the wash this is the black polo shirt they rather colorful then a buy more socks I didn’t count normally I like to count the softs I’ve got the odd ones for anyway never mind and finally whoops it’s just under my leg of my tripod a pair of Underpants there we go so it’s not like not a huge load but it’s adequate so I’m going to pop this in the drum at the back throw it in oops at the back there and let’s select the program okay so we decided we’re going to do program three and it’s on 40 and I’ll do an extra rinse for good luck ah I was already on like first of all you must turn it on first it was on programs the 40 extra mints we want whatever spin it’s going to do you can select a slower spin but I can’t select the spin speed per se and press Start so that click the door locking R so the red light comes on when the locks it’s obviously filling I think it’ll be cold for lonely it seems to be cold fill only so that’s about it it’s waiting in prison to fill up with some water it is quite noisy this washing machine it’s washing and speeding up used to acquire to machine than this that’s filling again it’s actually filling in from a different part when it was first filling up it was a water jet filling from the middle dispenser and now it’s added water for me end channel so Harriette this going round a bit for you so obviously using one of those washing pots it will dissolve so it’s filling up with a bit of water it mort’s deciding how much water to add and I’m sure it continued to tumble and add water until it senses that there is enough water in the drum well that a lot has changed since I stopped the camera it’s still in the wash phase I can’t really tell if it can’t really feel the temperature of the glass through that plastic so I’m going to leave it if I get back to it in time I might show doing a bit of rinsing and spinning but in the meantime I’ve other videos to make so I’ll see you either at the end of the program or sometime during the rinse phase well I’m back I’ve managed to catch the machine at the rinse stage I’m not sure how many bits is it’s done I think it might have already done one it’s good for the second rinse it’s adding a bit more water I heard it’s spinning so obviously does a spin in between the lenses as you can see it’s quite high level events on this machine its light I sucks level some water level indeed it certainly seems to let more water in than my gosh okay that’s the washer ended up no idea spin speed ease of this actually I don’t want it spun on its intense feeling quite fast mmm a little bit damper than the clothes that come out of my boss on 1,400 rats you know okay everything smells fresh I’m sure everything is clean so there you go I’ll just hang those up that’s the end of my demo on this bosch not wash hotpoint hotpoint aquarius wdl 527 kilogram washer/dryer now I know some of you after this video goes live can you show a drying program well no I can’t because I’m at home now this is all you’re getting I’m on holiday and I’ve done you a washing machine video be grateful please for this one because this is all I have the time to do I’ve got a vacuum video to do as well on my holiday so that’s it if I have time there is a implicit dishwasher in the kitchen I might do a quick video on that but only if I have time but if I do it will be uploaded on my channel in a short while so until the next video thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon
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