Black Picture Frames A Versatile & Timeless Addition To Your Home
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Black Picture Frames A Versatile & Timeless Addition To Your Home

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Black picture frames have become an increasingly popular frame choice for those wanting to personalise their home. They are a versatile option and come in a range of styles, from sleek and modern to traditional and ornate varieties – there is bound to be a black picture frame to meet your requirements.

The frame material can vary substantially, although the most popular options include wooden or aluminium styles. Size wise, frames are usually available in a range of metric, imperial or ‘A’ sizes. For those times when a standard sized frame is not an option, many picture frame suppliers offer a custom frame building service.

Black frames can work well with a range of colours including bold, vibrant choices or simply black and white. Please read on to learn more about how black picture frames can help to transform your home…

Sleek & Modern

A plain black frame can be considered to be both sleek and modern. They are perfect for everything from smaller portraits to large posters. Black as a colour will not detract attention from the image and instead will enhance your picture or photograph.

Ornate & Gothic

An ornate, black swept frame is ideal for a gothic theme or more traditional look. Due to the frame style, more attention is placed on the frame however it can help to complement your picture appropriately.

In particular, ornate swept frames are perfect for wedding photographs as they are more eye-catching and make for a high-end addition to your home.

Be Adventurous

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your frame presentation options. With multiple pictures and frames you can be adventurous and create a photo wall. This could be anything from a traditional selection of lined up frames to a stairway photo wall or something slightly more quirky.

Showcase Multiple Pictures

Consider displaying multiple images within a single black frame with a multi aperture framing option. Choose from single or multiple rows or columns of a standardised size or mix it up with a selection of opening sizes for some extra variety.

Follow The Trend

A current trend with regards to black picture frames is using a white mount with a black border around the picture opening. This helps to further draw the eye to the picture and provides an added style element.

As A Gift

A framed picture can make a great affordable gift for loved ones. Consider framing a treasured family photograph or stunning piece of artwork as a present for a friend, partner or relative the next time they have something to celebrate.

We hope that this article has given you some food for thought with regards to black picture frames.

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