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Body Piercing Jewelry in affordable prices at wholesale Body Jewelry shops

Published by: Jemes Smith (27)
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Body piercing is an art and the body piercing jewelry worn after the actualizing of the art is the adornment of it.

The style of wearing body jewelry was once upon a time a religious custom. In some countries, for example Egypt, only the royal family members were allowed to wear body piercing jewelry, for it was considered to be a highly privileged ornament collection. Also, the materials used in the olden days to make body piercing jewelry were very different from those of now-a-days. The then body jewelry used to be made of natural materials like animal bones and claws, shells, wood and such. Due to the reason that such material was prone to make the wearer get severe infections, some of them are no more used. However, wood is still popular as a body jewelry material, along with titanium, gold, silver, platinum, bronze as well as steel.

The forms of body piercing have undergone a huge change with the passing of years. The tribal races in countries like Indonesia, Ethiopia, India and such many more, the extremes to which body piercing can go is amazing. The types of body piercing now include lip, nose, eye brow, navel, nipple, eye lid, heels, bridge of the nose, back bone, knuckle, ear cartilage, nasal tip, nape as well as piercing done by those who have joined toes and this type is known as the “witch’s piercing”.

The name “witch’s piercing” comes from the old concept during the medieval times when body piercing was banned by the religious institutions as a mark of the devil. Though wearing body jewelry has become a huge style statement for people of all ages among the cities and towns, the old memories of the banning of piercing has been kept alive by the name of this piercing.

A wholesale body jewelry shop is such a place where you will get everything related to body piercing and body jewelry. To know which shop is best for you to trust and invest in, go through their collection of items. If the products include only jewelry items like labret jewelry, navel jewelry, tongue jewelry, or eye brow rings, there are chances that this place is not an experienced one and are selling such products without a thorough knowledge of the whole process of handling body piercing jewelry materials.

You should go for a place where they not just give you great options of jewelry in more than one or two materials, but also those which give you the option to buy piercing instruments like needles or retainers and such things. These places you can trust to be have done good homework on their subject – body piercing jewelry.

BodyJewelryRing is such a place where you not only get jewelry items for body piercing but also good quality piercing instruments. The demand for wholesale body jewelry shop has been on the rise with the trends moving towards wearing new jewelry with everyday new clothes.

Body jewelry is no more just a jewelry form. It has now become a form of self expression.

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