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Andrea d’Agostini creates the digital strategy for the launch of the new digital magazine Book Moda, the world’s best selling Italian fashion magazine.The project is in it’s final stages the estimated launch, January 2012.
This project has engaged us  in creatively, technically and strategically in defining a new standard in the construction process of a digital project of integration.
From content strategy to social media integration, we have developed the concept of editorial at the “destruction of programming“ that digital television has offered for some time now but only in 2009 began to use it actively. We’ve brought the same concept within the structure of the publishing programming, turning the magazine into an aggregator of content, pages that each time develop and change based on the structure of the user’s research .
We have certainly created something truly innovative in structuring the concept of digital magazine itself for a publisher who over the years has gained a leadership position in the field.

Andrea d’Agostini is considered internationally as one of the new biggest expert in digital medias and creativity, specialising in viral projects, network and strategy formats designed for various platforms.
He’s emerging as unique figure in the business, advisor for many companies and many social media guru or communication agency, able to give a certain unique vision.
Andrea d’Agostini started at a very young age in the creative field studying music, acting and litterature. Performer since the age of 14, by age 17 he was the european protagonist for the Olivetti new media campaign. 
At 19 he graduated from senior high school of classical studies and  enrolled in university to study art and technology in the new faculty of DAMS.
In the same year his creative skills lead him to be chosen as the acting co-star of the television series “Casa Famiglia 2”, on the main national network RAI 1. 
Immediately after is the turn of “Amiche“ on the second national network RAI 2, then again “Carabinieri 3” , on national television “Channel 5“ and many other programs and ads. At the same time he studied dance and participated in several national music productions.

Andrea d’Agostini  TV carrier went on, he was the host and author for various programs for the first national Channel RAI Television and one of the first to take the challenge of partecipative TV, being part of the group that launched the Digital TV in Italy with RAI Innovation and Product 
Between 2005 and 2006 he hosted and was author of more than 300 live shows exploring cross media and partecipative TV.
When he graduated from university at age 27, Andrea d’Agostini was one of the youngest independent producer in Italy and between 2007 and 2008 he has been the first to explore the concept of network mixing online and offline as part of the same media and applying that concept to the music industry. He created the Aquatour2008 and developed 4mln of unique contact in 75 days. It has been considered the most innovative project in the summer of 2008. 
Right after aquatour he started a new production, creating the first web fiction and partecipatory project for an italian fashion brand (Sweet Years). Various media nationally and internationally studied the project.
Casa Sweet Years still maintains its leadership across the web as one of the most innovative web project for 2009 and one of the first that opened the doors to Social Media and Cross Media creativity in the fashion business.
In 2009 Andrea d’Agostini became a New Media and Creativity Evangelist in the Business being chosen form the most important comunication Agency to work as partner on their digital identity and form several holdings to define the digital and social media strategy.
In 2010 Andrea d’Agostini launched the new digital magazine for the former MRKT director of the national news paper “Il Giornale”, and right after that he started working on the digital launch for the most sold italian Fashion magazine in the world “Book Moda” property of the editor Publifashion. Book Moda will be released in January 2012.
Between 2005 and 2011 he partecipated to the launch of many projects setting the standard many times.
He’s considered as one of the most interesting new emerging Social Media and creative strategist in Italy.
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Degree in Communication and Society at the Universita` degli studi di Milano, in 2008 she obtained a Master CommunicActive Marketing and Communications.For years she was dedicated to the public relations for a company that operates Milan in the fashion industry and has developed great communication skills and a strong predisposition to the organization and teamwork.Strongly attracted to the radio world, and particularly interested in new modes of communication such as social networks and blogs, who is also attending as a blogger mom.



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